Saturday, January 5, 2013

Day 65

It's hard to believe that The Thankfulness Experiment ends tomorrow!  What an amazing journey it's been!  Tonight, after the boys went to bed, I read through the past 64 posts and was reminded of all the different ways God taught me about thankfulness.  He taught me through nature... sunsets (Day 9), sunbeams (Day 31), rainbows (Day 47) , and how a tree's beauty was revealed when the sun shined on it (Day 11).  God taught me about thankfulness through my sons... through their creativity (Day 35), teachable moments (Day 14) and my seven year olds enthusiasm about reading his Bible (Day 29).  He taught me about thankfulness through my hubby... who pointed out that 1 Thessalonians 5:18 tells us to give thanks "in" all circumstances, not "for" all circumstances (Day 34). 

God challenged me to put thankfulness into practice when I discovered my black dress was left in a hotel... two weeks after we checked out (Day 18) and when my toilet overflowed with sewage on a school morning (Day 30).  Sometimes I chose thanksgiving, and other times I didn't.  But through it all, God reminded me that He doesn't expect me to be perfect, which is a huge help for this perfectionist gal!

God has reminded me that I need to wear thankfulness like my favorite outfit (Day 36 & 44) and that there are costs when we aren't thankful (Day 39).  And God opened my eyes to the amazing message of hope this Christmas as I experienced Christmas songs through the lens of thanksgiving (Day 46 - 55). 

God brought me to tears tonight as I reflected on Him doing immeasurably more with this experiment as over 1,000 reasons filled my inbox today.  It was too much for me to take in.  As I sat down to review the posts and type tonight's blog, I started with tears of thankfulness and by journaling about how God is at work behind the scenes of this experiment.  I am truly blessed and so thankful that He invited me start this blog. 

Psalm 4:7-8 capture some of my emotions tonight...

You have filled my heart with greater joy than when their grain and new wine abound.  I will lie down in peace, for You alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.

I am so thankful for each of you.  Twenty-eight people posted thankful lists today... and the numbers on the lists went well beyond 5 reasons.  Thank you for choosing thanksgiving.  Thank you for sharing what God is doing in your life.  Thank you for taking the time to type up hundreds of reasons... and if the technology didn't cooperate, then you sent me an email to make sure your reasons counted.  Wow - I can only shake my head in wonder at God providing the reasons and helping 10,000 become a realistic goal. 

For the first time ever, I got to hang two ornaments on the Thankfulness Tree today... one for hitting 8,000 and one for hitting 8,500.  And we are only 39 reasons away from reaching 9,000.  Incredible!  Our God is an awesome God.  (Sorry... still having issues with uploading the picture.  Gotta get some help from my hubby tomorrow.)

My heart is full tonight... full of thankfulness and joy at the love and support God is giving me through each and every reason you have posted over the past 65 days.  Thank you for joining God in doing immeasurably more than I could ever ask or imagine with The Thankfulness Experiment(Ephesians 3:20). 

Tonight, I am thankful for...

1.  My pastor sending a note to my church family inviting everyone to help reach 10,000 reasons
2.  My church family rallying around this experiment
3.  So many thankful lists pouring in today
4.  Friends listing 50, 100+ reasons for giving thanks
5.  Getting to read all the ways that God is raining down blessings in each of our lives
6.  God doing immeasurably more today
7.  All the lessons God has taught me over the past 65 days
8.  God faithfully giving me words each night
9.  God never leaving me or forsaking me
10.  Prayers of dear friends that have carried me through the past 65 days
11.  Vulnerability
12.  God not expecting perfection from me
13.  God's patience
14.  God's forgiveness
15.  The Holy Spirit that lives inside me
16.  God revealing Himself through nature
17.  Snuggle fest in bed this morning
18.  Lunch out with my hubby and the boys on the last day of Winter Break
19.  Mailing letters
20.  Finding out that my Christmas Stamps are Forever stamps
21.  No TV this afternoon
22.  Boys entertaining themselves without TV time
23.  Playing cards
24.  Coloring together... yep, all three of us.  I colored a girlie truck.
25.  My three year old pointing out the truck I colored was for a girl because it was pink and purple
26.  Not making the same mistake from Day 30 when I discovered my toilet was clogged
27.  Properly using the plunger
28.  Toilet unclogged without any sewage spilling on the floor
29.  Learning from past mistakes
30.  Having my past toilet mistake posted on this blog in case I ever need a reminder
31.  Hearing 10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman on the radio two days in a row
32.  Leftovers for dinner
33.  Peanut Butter and crackers
34.  Gatorade
35.  Watching Madagascar 3 with both boys snuggled up next to me
36.  Reading books to the boys this afternoon and giggling as we read them
37.  Remembering to do a load of laundry this evening
38.  God giving my hubby everything he needed for his talk tomorrow morning
39.  My hubby's gift of teaching others
40.  My hairdresser
41.  A haircut that I like (this makes my  hubby happy too... does this count for two?)
42.  Catching up with a good friend today
43.  Jesus and His sacrifice and His amazing love for us

Here's to 10,000 reasons... Only 1,039 to go...


  1. Warm blankets
    Smiling children
    Stress Free Day
    Clean House
    Yummy Pizza
    Hot coffee
    Quiet time
    Crazy animals
    Cherished memories
    Homemade Salsa
    Church Family
    Great hair cut
    Prayer time
    Ice cream
    Gas stoves
    Diet Pepsi
    Iced tea

  2. Road trips
    My keurig
    Christian music
    Bible study
    Girls night out
    Cheese and crackers
    Worship time
    Good health
    Long walks
    Bike rides
    Hot showers
    Bubble baths
    Italian food
    Grilled cheese

  3. I am so thankful :
    1. That I didn't have to get out and find wood and carry it back to my family for warmth or cooking.
    2. That clean clothes are a couple button pushes away.
    3. For the mission trip to Guatemala that changed my heart and life forever.
    4. For the selfless work the Greene's are doing in Guatemala.
    5. For the lessons in patience and relying on God on that Guat. trip
    6. That my daughter left a small piece of her heart at Prince of Peace home for girls in Guat. And longs to return there someday.
    7. For healing
    8. For my GIANT NIV Study Bible
    9. For the Holy Spirit
    10. For seeing Christ's light In so many people in my life.
    Bonnie Lawrence


  4. I am thankful for...
    1. Seven hours between feedings for my son
    2. Two 2-hour stretches of sleep
    3. A nurse who does things differently for the benefit of my daughter
    4. Linda
    5. Shannon
    6. Rachel
    7. Nancy
    8. Technology to slowly dispense antibiotics into a toddler's IV
    9. An awesome couple who prayed over my daughter
    10. An awesome couple who loved on my son
    11. A comb being brought to me
    12. Thoughtful snacks that evoke childhood memories
    13. Werther's Original Candies
    14. Memories of polka dancing in the garage with my grandma as a child and a teenager
    15. Memories of laughing with my grandma
    16. Memories of listening to my grandparents old victrola while eating Werther's Original Candies
    17. Klondike Bars
    18. Naptime for my son, daughter and husband
    19. A much needed shower
    20. Hot water
    21. Cards for my daughter
    22. New movies to watch
    23. Dinner from a dear friend
    24. A dear friend loving on my son
    25. God's word
    26. God's promises
    27. God's grace
    28. God's unconditional love
    29. God's plan that I do not know
    30. Chocolate cupcakes
    31. Sock monkeys
    32. Coloring book and crayons
    33. Socks
    34. Phone chargers
    35. Laptop
    36. A travel system for easy transport of a toddler
    37. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
    38. Salad with blue cheese and strawberries
    39. Pecans
    40. Tangled
    41. Knowing my daughter well enough to spot fever
    42. Hope for tomorroew
    43. Modern medicine
    44. Leapfrog products
    45. Children's books
    46. Slushie that made my hubby happy
    47. Figuring out the "right" way to sleep on a recliner
    48. Pacifiers from the hospital because we forgot ours at home
    49. Disposable diapers for convenience sake
    50. Friends that are like family
    51. Friends that hurt when I hurt
    52. Friends that cry when I cry
    53. Friends that help me talk through things
    54. Friends that love me for me...good, bad and ugly
    55. Air
    56. Bed rails
    57. Electricity
    58. Ice and cold water
    59. Sippy cups
    60. Straws
    61. Chicken Noodle Soup
    62. Big cookies
    63. Peanuts
    64. Popcorn
    65. the God given priviledge to be a parent to 2 kiddos
    66. Baby dolls named "Baby Doll"
    67. the innocence of children
    68. the joy of my daugher's smile
    69. the joy of my son's smile
    70. knowing I'm in this journey of life with God and my awesome hubby
    71. tough times that radiates God's love
    72. New Veggie Tale movies
    73. Larry the Cucumber
    74. Bob the Tomato
    75. Junior Asparagus
    76. A fruit-loving, healthy-eating daughter
    77. Clean sheets
    78. A clean hospital gown
    79. Bath cloths to replace a bath for a 2 year old
    80. Deoderant
    81. The sense of smell...good and bad
    82. My vision
    83. The sense of sound
    84. The sense of touch
    85. The sense of taste
    86. Yummy food
    87. Laughter in all situations
    88. Making nurses smiles
    89. Nurses who enjoy my daughter and family
    90. God's awesome power
    91. The bigness of God...which I will never be able to comprehend
    92. Bible Gateway app for iPhone
    93. Multiple translations of my favorite bible verses
    94. Eccelesiates 3:1
    95. Proverbs 4:20-22
    96. Psalm 9
    97. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18!!!
    98. Ephesians 3:20
    99. Jeremiah 29:11
    100. Jesus Christ serving as my Savior

  5. 1. My God
    2. My family
    3. My Health
    4. My friends
    5. My sense of humor
    6. The park system in our city
    7. The squirrels eating sunflowers on our back deck
    8. That a bird with an injured leg comes to our feeder each day.
    9. party balloons
    10. a clean kitchen
    11. That I can place Bible verses all over my home.
    12. Freedom to worship.
    13. Snowmen.
    14. For my nice house.
    15. Pictures.
    16. Memories.
    17. Love.
    18. Kindness.
    19. Forgiveness.
    20. Medical care.
    21. Sleep.
    22. Hot showers.
    23. Hair color so I can choose not to be gray.
    24. Sunshine.
    25. Shoes.

  6. I am about 5 days behind but motivated to catch up after reading everyone's posts on the blog. Your abundant thankfulness reminds me of sooo much I have to be thankful for - What a blessing it's been to me!

    I am thankful for ....
    1) Cathy inviting me to join the Adventure Ladies bible study.
    2) Heather being obedient to God in starting this blog.
    3) this blog helping my heart grow more thankful.
    4) encouraging, kind-hearted, wise women in my Brave Bible study.
    5) Ginny's bible study starting soon.
    6) the fun my son had skiing with friends ... and no injuries (crashed often while learning to snow board, but only ended up with some bruises)
    7) family skiing trip to Paoli
    8) gloves and thick socks to keep us warm while skiing
    9) family time bowling and sleeping in hotel room together
    10) little family getaway and no cooking for a couple of days:)
    11) husband taking off work so we can have a mini vacation
    12) husband encouraging son to read through the bible in 2013
    13) laughter
    14) smiling kids and husband
    15) family
    16) sunshine
    17) son feeling much better
    18) cold medicine for husband and daughter
    19) husband encouraging our son to read through the bible in 2013
    20) getting squirrels out of our attic

  7. Today I am thankful for:
    1. reading glasses
    2. a 5 year old who finds a pair for me when it's reading time
    3. chicken pot pie
    4. Jake's home
    5. Find Phone App that let me 'follow' him on his way home last night/this morning
    6. The feeling I had when my phone showed his phone in our driveway
    7. That yesterday, all 3 kids snuggled in our bed with both of us, at some point in the day/night
    8. Kids who love 'scratchies'
    9. my sister
    10. Jonathans love for my sister
    11. My sisters love for Jonathan
    12. Torri has moved back!
    13. A good job for her
    14. the sound of her and Jonathan playing dinosaurs in his room right now
    15. corn
    16. dinner with everyone at the table
    17. neighbors who always rally to help each other
    18. Friends who give good advice
    19. people who don't give up in the toughest of life's circumstances
    20. all the stories Jake has about Passion 13
    21. his hoarse voice from worshipping so much
    22. all the video he took so he could 'show' us what he saw/did
    23. the great kids he went with
    24. the peace I had the whole time he was gone
    25. the peace i always have because I KNOW that God is in control and I AM NOT
    26. Katie is getting better
    27. antibiotics work
    28. she slept well last night
    29. she was most thrilled at the doctors office that she didn't have anything contagious so she can go to church tomorrow
    30. watching Jake play hockey tonight
    31. texting scripture to friends who really need it
    32. getting a text back that says, 'that's the verse I say to myself everyday'
    33. Knowing the verses that are sent are all from God
    34. his timing being His, not mine
    35. God's sense of humor
    36. My Mom's sense of humor
    37. that I'm just like my Mom
    28. that my Dad is amazing
    29. that my parents are still here
    30. That my Dad taught us, and is still teaching us every day by his example of loving my Mom with all his heart'for better or worse, in sickness and in health.'
    31. That my Mom, though in the last stages of Alzheimer's still smiles and tilts her head for a kiss when her man walks in the room
    32. That Paul and I were both raised in homes where our parents truly loved each other
    33. For my in laws
    34. Thorntons ice
    35. cars
    36. the money to buy gas for said cars
    37. a quick response from our adoption attorney
    38. the hope that the US adoption will be done in February
    39. the love in Jonathans heart
    40. the amount of times he says, 'I love you' in a day
    41. ice cream pie
    42. hot apple cider
    43. homemade gifts from friends
    44. JOnathans new lion hat
    45. time to play every sport known to man outside with Katie and Jonathan today
    46. the way it's obvious Jonathan's a Nagy by the way he'll do ANYTHING to win, including picking up the net and walking away with it
    47. iced tea
    48. safe travel
    49. God's grace
    50. God's unending love

  8. Jonathan Nagy is thankful for:
    1. God
    2. Torri
    3. Chloe
    4. Jake
    5. Daddy
    6. Katie
    7. myself
    8. abcd(my sister)
    9. Mommy
    10. my bed

    I'm done

  9. Katie is thankful for:
    1. God
    2. Mom
    3. Dad
    4. Jake
    5. Torri
    6. Jordyn
    7. I guess Jonathan(teasing him because he put her so low on his list)
    8. teachers
    9. my Grandmas
    10. my Grandpa
    11. go carting
    12. the Bible
    13. scripture
    14. Christian music
    15. Apple cider
    16. modern medicine
    17. love
    18. joy
    19. chicken pot pie(dinner)
    20. sweatshirts
    21. leggings
    22. friends
    23. freedom
    24. swimming
    25. the song Holy Spirit
    26. Jake is home
    27. watching Jake play hockey
    28. Playing with Jonathan today
    29. getting to rest while I'm sick
    30. watching Jake dance like a weirdo

  10. 1. Seatbelts
    2. A sister in law who cares and encourages 3. Friendships 4. Lipgloss 5. Cleanliness 6. His plan although unknown to us.
    7. God giving us joy!
    8 . watching my girls be sisters to each other 9. Family traditions 10. My grandparents 11. Shadows and light in nature 12. Crayons markers and paper 13. Personal space and places to just think and be alone 14. Walks 15. Hot water 16. New workouts to try like 'body blading'
    17. Generations
    18. Overcoming fears
    18. Saturdays
    20. Old sweatshirts
    21. Jeans
    22. Boots
    23. Cereal
    24. Conversations with genny
    25 respect of my feelings and validation 26. Winks 27. Feeling empowered and strong 28. Skipping 29. Skating 30. Feeling great and when I don't I'm thankful that its just a feeling.
    31. Oatmeal
    32. Cheese Grits
    33. The comfort of mutual love
    34. Charities and people who think about others who need help 35. Angie always being around and a great support 36. Jill at just the right time in my life!
    37. Learning off my mistakes
    38. People who help my daughters
    39. Vacations and trips just when you need them 40. People who love their jobs!
    41. People who smile a lot
    42. Thankful for good attitudes!!
    43. Thankful that john is actually reading a book I suggested!
    44. Thankful that my day is at rest now
    45. Thankful for people who encourage
    46. Thankful for room service
    47. Thankful for muscles that work!
    48. Thankful for all the people who helped me with questions 49. Thankful for every sermon I've ever heard 50. For pixie sticks

  11. 51. Air conditioning and heat 52. For soft blankies 53. For awesome soaps 54. For all the different colors 55. For neon light 56. For airplanes 57. For cruise ships 58. For my memories 59. For beautiful grass 60. For Colorado 61. For Florida 62. For passionate people 63. For deep breaths 64. Aunt Betsy and her validation always 65. New friends with lots in common 66. Books- with real paper and not just screens 67. The energy and excitement before this football game by all people in our hotel 68. That body roller... Wow!
    69. How everyone has a strength and a God -given ability 70. Those chairs that curve to your body... Heated...
    71. Oh for my friend, drip, in New York. She is a gift and I'm so thankful that God truly gave me a sister of sorts...I can not take friendships for granted 72. Swings 73. 4 chairs in a circle that are comfy and promote conversation 74. Hanging chairs that swing 75. Nell. She's just understanding and a good person 76. Nadine- what a great influence in our home especially for elle at a time when we needed her 77. Harrison. Just thankful to have known him and heard his wisdom 78. For elizabeth and clark. For introducing me to john 79. For ensworth and being given a job there 80. For limo rides... They are always fun.
    81. For Frances and papa
    82. For that white coat from sis
    83. Bible studies
    84. Skincare products
    85. Bubble baths
    86. Hot tubs
    87. Wave pools
    88. Hot tea and lemon
    89.for families
    90. For wonderful food that is healthy!
    91.for paintings and artists and all creative people 92. For children laughing 93. For tommy who made me laugh as a little kid at all those family parties 94.for liz always making me laugh out loud 95. Baby lotion 96. Musical instruments 97. Bubbles 98. God's protection 99. A happy childhood 100. The fruits of the spirit we can pray to have!

  12. Jake is thankful for:
    1. The greatest dad in the world
    2. The greatest mom in the world
    3. The greatest sister in the world
    4. The greatest brother in the world
    5. PASSION 2013!
    6. The "End It Movement" (
    7. My brothers in Christ
    8. My friends God is working in that I pray will soon be brothers in Christ
    9. Chris Tomlin's new album
    10. "I Saw The Light" by David Crowder Band
    11. "Holy Spirit" by Jesus Culture
    12. "Manifesto" by City Harmonic
    13. "Lucky Ones" by Lecrae
    14. "Go Hard" by Lecrae
    15. "No Regrets" by Lecrae
    16. My amazing Community Group from Passion
    17. Francis Chan
    18. John Piper
    19. Louis Giglio
    20. David Platt
    21. Judah Smith
    22. Beth Moore
    23. Dave Stone
    24. Buddy Howard
    25. Richard Mosqueada
    26. The International Justice Movement (IJM)
    27. hockey
    28. soccer
    29. ice cream
    30. a warm bed
    31. Tamale, Ghana
    32. Seed Ministry
    33. Africa
    34. smiles
    35. Adventure Christian Church
    36. Stu Perry
    37. Nick Burczyk
    38. Romans 9
    39. Hebrews 11
    40. Philippians 1:21
    41. Revelation 5
    42. Knowing that one day Christ will wipe every tear from our eyes!
    43. my Brotherhood Bible study
    44. Thursday mornings at Waffle House
    45. Wednesday mornings at Java
    46. older brothers who have strengthened me in my faith
    47. younger brothers who i can strengthen and learn from
    48. Carrie Underwood
    49. Kari Jobe
    50. Taylor Swift
    51. Biola University
    52. Liberty University
    53. the Spirit's discernment
    54. lifelong friends
    55. new friends
    56. reduced fat Ruffles
    57. ramen noodles
    58. costco cookies
    59. my moms chicken pot pie
    60. my moms "junk pies"
    61. big dreams
    63. Coldplay
    64. Zac Brown Band
    65. David Crowder Band
    66. the Detroit Red Wings/Lions
    67. the Chelsea Blues
    68. the Michigan Wolverines
    69. the Boston Red Sox
    70. the St. Louis Cardinals
    71. when my dad takes me to a big game
    72. getting encouraging notes from my sister
    73. my mom's back scrathces
    74. my brother's "i love yous"
    75. jam sessions in the car with my sister
    76. hearing my brother recite Scripture
    77. the Paas family
    78. the Long family
    79. the Shutt family
    80. the Stone family
    81. tons of other amazing families who makes me feel like their own
    82. my basketball team The Flying Squirrels
    83. My OC/Team Kentucky hockey teams
    84. senior year
    85. joy that comes from knowing the Lord
    86. hope that comes from knowing the Lord
    87. faith that comes from knowing the Lord
    88. peace that comes from knowing the Lord
    89. worship with 60,000 students in the Goergia Dome every night this week
    90. hearing stories of what God is doing in the lives of other young people
    91. seeing students feel a calling to full time missions
    92. seeing students let go of addictions
    93. seeing students radically follow Christ out of comfort and into His desires for their life
    94. Christian Academy
    95. my amazing teachers
    96. Twitter
    97. Africa
    98. The fact that Christ can give us the strength to live like Moses in Hebrews 11:25-26
    99. That the Lord has brought my dead bones to life like Ezekiel 37
    100. Jesus Christ!

  13. Torri Coleman is thankful for:
    1. A loving family
    2. A country that allows me to praise my God
    3. A supportive family
    4. The ability to earn a degree in a feild that I enjoy
    5. A job that I work everyday without working
    6. A loving boyfriend
    7. Friends to hold me accountable in Christ
    8. A God that loves me although I fail him daily
    9. A church family that accepts all of God's children no matter where they are in their walk
    10. The Nagy family for taking me in as one of them
    11. My little brother
    12. A safe and reliable car
    13. Technology that keeps me connected with my friends all over the country
    14. A warm, safe place to sleep every night

  14. Paul is thankful for:
    1.a warm house in the winter
    2. a cool house in the hot summer
    3. my wife, Cathy
    4. my daughter, Katie
    5. my son, Jake
    6. my son, Jonathan
    7. a job to go to every day
    8. our church
    9. Pastor Buddy
    10. Pastor Richard
    11. our youth leader Stu
    12. getting to go to the beach on vacation
    13. being able to see the beautiful world that God made
    14. being able to hear all the sounds in this world
    15. having a healthy body
    16. a car to drive us where we need and want to go.
    17. clean water that comes out of our faucet - so easy!
    18. electricity at the flip of a switch
    19. a refrigerator that keeps our food from spoiling.
    20. friends who care about us and encourage us and are there for us!
    21. my smoking hot wife
    22. when my wife doesnt wear her Auntie Bunny jammies.
    23. the Stanley Cup playoffs
    24. the Detroit Red Wings
    25. getting to go to the Winter Classic
    26. the Michigan Wolverines
    27. the Big House
    28. the beach
    29. the mountains
    30. healthy children
    31. the fall season
    32. the spring season
    33. the snow in winter
    34. a cloudless blue sky in the summer
    35. friends who encourage us to be thankful!

  15. I am thankful for:
    1. sleeping in
    2. the Lord helping me to get so many little things done today
    3. peppermint, choc chip cookies
    4. the opportunity to serve a beautiful family
    5. the hope in Christ for exceeding abundantly great things
    6. a little girl dancing and whirling around in her mini hospital gown - feeling so much better
    7. a brisk walk with my hubby
    8. new recipes
    9. my husband's thoughtfulness in downloading a show I wanted to watch!
    10. an awe inspiring letter from my cousin
    11. the reminder that God is still the best medicine for anything we suffer
    12. the assurance that nothing can seperate us from the love of God
    13. a surprising invitation
    14. being able to share my cousin's letter with someone who really needed to read it
    15. the companionship of Christ
    16. being able to work well with my daughter
    17. physical strength to clean, cook, and work
    18. how much the Father loves me and my family
    19. Oliver and Aubree
    20. a life of purpose with Christ

  16. Amandal .
    ocean front hotel rooms
    Sun tans
    my bed
    for sleeping in today
    for taking on a challenge to help out a friend.
    for walking on the beach at Sun set
    for walking on the beach at Sun rise
    for loving God.
    for God loving me
    for God to understand me
    for his to forsaken me
    for gods forgiveness.
    for God to never leave me
    for God to give me kindness.
    for God love the world.
    for John 3:16
    Psalms 48
    my sisters in Christ
    my brothers in Christ
    Gods strength

  17. Amandal .
    Melissa goforth friendship
    Jenny renn
    Leslie Thomas
    Linda Fox
    65day of the blog
    Valentine's day
    st. Patrick
    Aug. 22 1992
    Aug. 1 1997
    June 21 2000
    Jan.4 2008
    May 10 1967
    June 14 1968 are birthdays.

  18. 1 my wife's skin
    2 crime writers
    3 weights
    4 pools
    5 music
    6 ocean
    7 toe mail clippers
    8 glasses
    9 trains
    10 Alaska
    11 telluride
    12 sand
    13 sunscreen
    14q tips
    15 dark chocolate
    16 blue
    17 green
    18 our next house
    20 doughnut
    21 cookies
    22 annie Crombie
    24 transplants
    25 surgeons
    27 planters
    28 cabs
    29 Irish wolfhound
    30net jets
    31 Dale
    33 dripper
    34 Italy
    35 Spain
    36 rents
    37 gold helmets
    38 the dome
    39 the grotto
    41 kayrouz
    42 chip
    43 chips
    44 Chicago sports
    45bill Gardner
    46 hill
    48 the airport
    49 wood mosaic
    50 tp
    51shift happens

  19. 1. Heather OBEYING God with this experiment 2. Cathy Nagy just listing and listing her thankfulness 3. Bonnie getting those t shirts made for the experiment 4. So thankful for cotton!
    5. So thankful for warmth in my car even in the summer- I like a really hot car.
    6. For Lillian trying to publish her thankfulness list... Which I may have to just email you on...
    7. Amy understanding always
    8. For wonderful sleep
    9. For my brain- it does so much more than I give it credit for!!
    10. For all the instant information we receive on these phones..
    11. For different weather that makes us appreciate the perfect days!!
    12. For Special K
    13. For lemons
    14. For blue dog bakery
    15. For sunglasses!!
    16. Colored fonts
    17. Fonts in general
    18. For hash tags because they make me laugh 19. For paragraphs because they keep things organized 20. For Christian friends who just know us..
    21. For colorful fun sheets
    22. Purses.- they hold a lot
    23. Hammocks
    24. Vacuums
    25. Rice
    26. Edename
    27. Green tea
    28. I was able to help that cute family and talk to them 29. That thankfulness really does replace want!!
    30. That this time listing thankfulness is time well spent unlike most other computer activities...
    31. Frozen yogurt
    32. Elle happy at Grammy's house
    33. Fans
    34. Pepper
    35. Having POOPie the fish live 2 wonderful happy years 36. Movie theaters 37. Restaurants 38. Leaves 39. Walking the dogs 40. That look axel gives me 41. The trust I have in people 42. Steve and his generous heart 43. Sparklers 44. Trish, my first friend 45. Shannon and Stacy 46. B wood!!
    47. Recognizing and understanding feelings 48. Thankful for Feeling safe
    49 thankful for Anna's new liver!
    50. Thankful for 2013

  20. Dinner out with my Family
    kingfish Onion Rings
    Kingfish Blue Cheese dressing
    I got to work today
    I am on the work schedule for Monday
    A Party to go to tonight
    Seeing a friend who I haven't seen in a long time Making new friends I got to go dancing last night Mixed Nuts, a live band that provided our music So many new students that showed up for dance lessons My neighbor Betsey that went dancing with me The Louisville Country Dancers A beautiful hall to dance in Lots of fun dancing partners Tina Carter for taking care of my dog Trixie when I was out of town Ray Carter who not only brought Luke home from the men's breakfast but his friend, Cameron, as well Bobby Sullivan for picking Luke up and dropping him off from Men's breakfast's on numerous occasions Carla Sullivan who always ask about my kids and has a smile and hug for me at church Lisa Sims for her excellent example of a Christian mother Byron Sims who always makes me laugh Bill shingleton for always greeting me at church The opportunity to serve in Alpha Extreme Serving along side Becca Bursyk Working with Debra Eikenberger in Alpha Extreme Allt the kiddos in Alpha Extreme