Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Day 63

It was a laid back day today at the Snider house.  Beside picking up a friend for a morning play date, we were home all day.  You know, a day where you wear sweats, do some laundry, and relax.  The house was filled with gleeful screams as three boys chased each other around the house.  We played games, watched an afternoon movie, had dinner.  My hubby got home from his business trip in time to play cards with the boys.  And, we hit another milestone today... over 7,000 reasons for giving thanks!  It was a good day.

However, I found myself facing the temptation to not be satisfied today.  I'm a social kinda gal and can easily get in a slump when I don't have much social interaction and today was a day like that.  I chose to worry about something I couldn't control... when the verse that I'm meditating on is all about not worrying.  God was quick to convict me of this as I processed things.  Guess it's a good thing that I'm learning Matthew 6:34:  So then, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.  Today has enough trouble of its own. (NET).  And then I got bummed because we don't have cable so I couldn't watch something on TV tonight because... it was only on cable.  A silly thing... I'm thankful we don't have cable most of the time... but Satan wanted me to focus on stinkin' thinkin' today.  Thankfully, the Holy Spirit helped me catch these things before my mind spiraled too far out of control.  I'm so glad the Holy Spirit lives inside of me!!

It was a good day with temptations to lead me to think it was NOT a good day.  I didn't win every battle, but the Holy Spirit helped me navigate through.  I love how God never leaves us.  I love that God always forgive us.  And I love that God always loves and reaches out to us.  I am blessed.  And I am thankful for today... with all its ups and downs. 

Tonight, I am thankful for...

1.  Sweats
2.  Relaxing day
3.  My son and his friend including my three year old as they played chase around the house... this doesn't always happen
4.  Playing lots of games today
5.  Whites washed, dried and put away
6.  Food in the house so when I had nothing planned for dinner, I could make breakfast for dinner... and it was a hit with the boys too
7.  Getting to snooze for a minute during the movie this afternoon
8.  God's gentle conviction about not worrying
9.  The One Year Bible
10.  God answering one of my prayers today
11.  Genesis 2:2-3
12.  God speaking through His word
13.  Getting to talk to my mom this morning
14.  Knowing my parents are safe
15.  Friendships that mean so much to me
16.  Hubby having safe travels out of town and back again
17.  Laughing with my hubby
18.  My hubby being in tune with me
19.  My sons who bring me such joy
20.  Hot apple cider
21.  Typing a 2 as the first digit in how many reasons to go!!

Here's to 10,000 reasons... Only 2,838 to go...


  1. 1. Christmas break
    2. Sleeping late
    3. A surprise play date with my cousin and her boys
    4. That I can still give comfort to my hurting children
    5. Yummy creamers for my coffee
    6. Very healthy results from blood work
    7. Comfy jammies
    8. Running into an old friend while shopping
    9. Hearing my girls be wise with money/purchasing
    10. A's joy in giving to others
    11. Riding in the car, singing together.
    12. When the TV is OFF
    13. Being done with A's immunizations!!!! for 10 years!
    14. My pillow
    15. Being able to keep up with my family and friends lives via Facebook
    16. Pinterest
    17. When a new recipe turns out to be yummy
    18. The new contact solution I found that makes a world of difference in the comfort of my lenses
    19. Hearing the girls play together
    20. Feeling at peace even within "chaos"
    21. Knowing God never, EVER leaves my side
    22. The anticipation of one day being in the presence of Jesus
    23. Seeing the sunshine after gloomy days
    24. When someone tells me they appreciate me
    25. A smile from a baby
    26. Long, hot showers
    27. My camera and capturing my girls as they grow up
    28. Old photos, especially ones showing my grandparents and parents when they were young
    29. Shuler's Sunday School classes
    30. Ginny Crowe's Bible study
    31. Buddy's sermons
    32. Richard's sermons
    33. Godly writers that draw me closer to God
    34. Any good book that I can get lost in
    35. Beautiful art
    36. Sweet morning hugs and kisses
    37. When the girls bring me breakfast in bed
    38. When the house is clean
    39. Sleeping on fresh sheets
    40. The bonds of extended family
    41. Nights with no homework
    42. Braeburn apples
    43. Brewed iced tea--unsweet with a sweet-n-low
    44. Old hymns
    45. Time with my girls and hubby
    46. Family jokes
    48. Unburdening my struggles with someone when I can finally let go and open up
    49. Long-term goals
    50. A future of possibility

  2. 1. Light traffic on the way to work.
    2. Our co-worker's premature baby is doing well.
    3. That my friend is able to care for his ill mother.
    4. That my grandmother is still living. She is 94.
    5. My sister and mother are resolving issues between them.
    6. That sister-in-law is healing from pnemonia.
    7. Every day I wake up.
    8. Thankful that I am loved by the Lord.
    9. A warm home. That I have a wood-burning stove as backup.
    10. That Cards won the Sugar Bowl.
    11. My granddaughter made the honors program.
    12. My Dad's kidney stone stopped moving/hurting.
    13. My special-needs niece enjoys music.
    14. Hand lotion - my hands are incredibly dry.
    15. Pictures of happy people.
    16. Courage.
    17. The Dr Oz show.
    18. The exercise ball that I sit on at work.
    19. A text from my sister.
    20. A text from my cousin that he is praying for me.
    21. Celebrating with friends.
    22. Friends to comfort us.
    23. Family to annoy us.
    24. That spring is only a few months away.
    25. Animal friends.

    Debbie & co-workers

  3. 1. Teddy Bridgewater
    2. The smile that hasn't left my face since last night
    3. Apples (not iApple's real Apples)
    4. Cold Weather = no yardwork
    5. My impending purchase of a Sugar Bowl Champs Tee
    6. Wearing my future Sugar Bowl Champs Tee longer than a Tee should be worn even if it I get mustard on it
    7. Mustard
    8. Teddy Bridgewater
    9. Google not being in violation of anti-trust laws
    13.Fiscal Cliff deals
    14.Getting my taxes did
    15.Touch Screens
    16.McRib being back
    17.The Dow being up YTD
    18.Dividend Taxes not rising as much as they could have

  4. 1. diet mt. dew
    2. t.v.
    3. lazy days
    4. sunny days
    5. good test results for a dear friend with cancer

  5. I am thankful for:
    1. my son forgetting his boarding pass at home, delaying us, which caused him to meet up with a friend who was traveling to the same destination
    2. meeting a missionary at the airport who I have prayed for in the past but never met
    3. a reunion with friends I haven't seen in awhile
    4. a wonderful woman who helped my daughter with an application
    5. the Lord's ability to take a difficult situation and turn it into a blessing
    6. a superb report card in the mail
    7. being welcomed by my daughter and her friend to go to the movies with them
    8. the opportunity to help a neighbor
    9. delivery on a promise
    10. the comfort of resting in God's unseen plans for each of our lives

  6. Today I'm thankful for
    1. the example of Melissa's strength and positive attitude in a time of testing.
    2. friendship that means so much.
    3. friends who are signing up with me to do yoga together.
    4. my new job.
    5. the extra income
    6. nice new friends at my new job
    7. great location of job
    8. ralph's willingness to take over my crazy driving schedule so i can work
    9. bud's willingness to help with the driving, too, even though his schedule is crazy.
    10. my parents excitement at getting to go to the sugar bowl - and have their team win.
    11. my dog who loves me so very much
    12. my new audience to hear about jesus
    13. ralph had my car serviced and washed for me today
    14. sara beth found a partner to do a new trampoline routine with and she's so excited
    15. rachel's amazing work ethic
    16. rachel's straight As again
    17. contact lenses
    18. papaw took down some of the xmas stuff for me
    19. i found a new hair lightener to help me with roots between highlights
    20. answered prayers
    21. stability with my food issues
    22. good books
    23. audio books for my walks
    24. a soft warm bed
    25. a beautiful home
    26. electricity
    27. health
    28. great articles that inspire me
    29. being asked to baptize a new friend
    30. learning more from new christians than I teach
    31. Jesus' amazing, unending, all-forgiving love
    32. praise and worship music that touches my soul
    33. hearing my girls sing praise music
    34. seeing my girls post about jesus on texts and Facebook
    35. a clean kitchen

  7. Sydney:

    1. This blog that has me thinking about thankfulness
    2. My space heater.
    3. Hot tea
    4. Extra work hours to help the financial burder
    5. The singing in the car by one of my clients (always makes me giggle)
    6. Books by Dr. Suess
    7. Songs about God
    8. Friends who shake me back into perspective
    9. My daughers blow fish. He's hysterical.
    10. God's promises
    11. Scripture
    12. Determination to keep going in school
    13. Determination to still run when it's cold out
    14. Physical health when everyone around me is sick!
    15. Pats on the back at a meeting when I said something that helped someone
    16. My friend moved back to Kentucky from Chicago
    17. Safe travels in my car this week
    18. Feeling that God is working in a troubled relationship
    19. Pastors at 2 churches who speak to be from God
    20. Having 2 churches that I love
    21. Relationships at my new church that mean so much to me
    22. No heart problems for my daughter since last episode in November
    23. Unexpected paycheck in the mail today
    24. Being asked and trusted to tutor
    25. Family of client said " I want to keep you forever."
    26. Client texted me "I love you."
    27. Courage to admit painful realities about myself
    28. God transformed me
    29. Daughter said she didn't see me as ever selfish or bad
    30. Ex boyfriend who is still close friend said that he still loves me despite painful past
    31. God is working in life of the ex boyfriend
    32. Friend reached a sobriety milestone
    33. Kind text from pastor regarding my story
    34. Church family member asked to write down a verse that I used, meaning that it meant something to her
    35. Money to eat and feed my children
    36. Facebook gives me company when I feel like chatting
    37. Fun at work
    38. Helped a child learn to make a decision
    39. Opportunites...lots of them
    40. Cell phone convenience
    41. My mom is still alive and I can call her
    42. 2 of my brothers want to stay in my life
    43. Acquaintance gave me an unexpected gift that she hand made
    44. Good advice from a friend
    45. Continually feeling like God is my best friend
    46. Gods forgiveness
    47. Inspiring stories
    48. Chili
    49. Silly videos that make me laugh
    50. Chick-Fil-a (random...but seriously)

  8. AMANDAL .
    I'm thankful for doing this blog for 63days.
    I'm thankful for the movies.
    I'm thankful for Dr.Murray.
    I'm thankful for all of the help I got today.
    I'm thankful for shopping for megans birthday.

  9. Tonight I am thankful for:
    1. all the things i thought of today from December that I forgot last night
    2. Ghana
    3. Seed Ministry
    4. Hearing Peters voice on Christmas Day from Ghana
    5. Hearing Jonathan say to Peter, 'I love you ssssoooo much'
    6. Emmanuel Salifu
    7. the tears that still flow when i think about everything he did to help us bring our sweet boy home
    8. That our family is the one God chose for Jonathan
    9. Having friends you miss so much it makes you cry
    10. A call from Pastor Moses in Tamale
    11. Ajua
    12. Gladys
    13. Fushema
    14. John Haruna
    15. Wampini Haruna
    16. Uriah
    17. Fan Ice
    18. Homemade chocolate
    19. watching and listening to the kids decorate cookies with their grandparents and aunts
    20. Funny people
    21. Traditions
    22. A call from my brother Tim
    23. acceptance letters from all 3 colleges applied to
    24. kids who work hard in school to make their dreams come true
    25. The gift of a big family
    26. people who love me despite my many flaws
    27. Time with my friend Nance, who came in from S.C.
    28. Lunch with her
    29. Time alone to talk with her
    30. The blessing of being able to help her navigate through her Moms Alzheimer's
    31. Praying for her parents who i love so dearly
    32. Honey Baked ham being at Kroger now for Christmas
    33. People who pitch in and help
    34. People who don't complain about pitching in and helping
    35. Hometown Pizza
    36. Dave Stone
    37. God's faithfulness
    38. Spell check
    39. Jonathans life
    40. Fresh tastes
    41. getting back to the gym
    42. Thomas the Tank Engine
    43. Handy Manny
    44. Doc McStuffins
    45. Little Einsteins
    46. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
    47. Octonauts
    48. Time to finish my nights sleep while above shows are on early in the morning
    49. Missionaries
    50. dinner with the Parkers
    51. meeting more Parkers
    52. Bobs good health
    53. Bob and Bonnie are back in Ghana
    54. an 18 year old who wants to spend NYE in Atlanta at Passion 2013
    55. that he got there safely
    56. That I'm not the least bit worried about him
    57. That his texts have the words IT'S AWESOME and GOD IS AMAZING every time
    58. Chicken Alfredo from Costco
    59. Dad staying to watch Toy Story
    60. My gift from God, Paul Nagy

  10. I am thankful for :
    1. New friendships blooming
    2.out with the old in with the new
    3. Jello play dough
    4. Great news from a dear friend
    5. Boundaries
    6. Great shampoo on sale
    7. Plans to organize the hall closet next week.
    8. Dr. Tran's new partner
    9. Retainers
    10. Compliments on Eden's name
    11. Showing Pictures of Isaac to a new friend
    12. Funny Isaac stories and memories
    13 <---- Isaac's t-ball number
    14. My super helper hubby
    15. Date night tomorrow ;)
    16. My vacuum cleaner
    17. Eden's fun plans with Aunt Pam
    18. Eternity perfume
    19. Patience with others
    20. Patience with myself
    21. Ford having a great year
    22. The chance to sleep in tomorrow
    23. Heating blankets
    24. Windex
    25. Friends who rally around friends
    Bonnie Lawrence

  11. 61. how much i love elizabeth lenihan
    62. how much i miss Denise Willey
    63. the quiet reading time I had with Trudy
    64. huge after Christmas savings
    65. being frugal
    66. bargain shopping with the best there is, Rosie T.
    67. Katie's ever expanding social calender
    68. Katie's huge heart
    69. Katie's ability to find and help the hurting
    70. That i got to sleep as late as Katie today...noon!!!
    71. organizing
    72. Jonathan telling me about his day with a lot of excitement
    73. Jonathans two trips to the 'big gym' today
    74. contentment
    75. a clean house
    76. a great vacuum
    77. hearing Katie say in her sweetest voice, 'Dad, can you play a game with me?', when he's in the middle of watching hockey
    78. That he'll stop whatever he's doing for time with his girl
    79. That we understand 'they grow up too fast'
    80. Mothers journals
    81. baby books
    82. thank you notes
    83. cheering on people who are working so hard to overcome their obstacles
    84. warm socks
    85. heat
    86. the Bible
    87. Curious George
    88. Listening to Jonathan 'read'
    89. laughter
    90. Paul's job
    91. garlic bread
    92. pediatricians
    93. security
    94. Susan Bells artwork
    95. God's promises
    96. reconnecting with old friends
    97. strangers who prayed for us last year
    98. stuffed animals
    99. sleeping babies(of all ages)
    100. Chris Sniders smoking hot wife

  12. I am thankful for:

    1. my smoking hot wife
    2. a great first formation for emmaus walk 142
    3. joni's talk preview
    4. all of the agape team's work
    5. the music team's roughing it out
    6. heather b.'s beautiful voice
    7. getting to see old friends and chat
    8. not hurting myself when i did a cartwheel
    9. people laughing and clapping when I did a cartwheel
    10. the look on people's faces when I did a cartwheel
    11. my dad taking down a ton of the christmas decorations today while i was at work
    12. good conversation with stu
    13. doctors and nurses who are caring for Anya
    14. Scott and Melissa and their faithfulness in a rough time
    15. Kosair hospital
    16. martha's continued recovery
    17. greg's strength for his wife and family
    18. planning time and friendship time with Richard
    19. a great lunch and conversation with Nick
    20. April taking initiative
    21. heat coming on at church tonight
    22. the color purple
    23. john 16:33
    24. proverbs 3
    25. Psalm 100
    26. Philippians 4
    27. Mark 12
    28. The new graphic Richard made for our money series
    29. people inviting people to church.
    30. carrie's hard work
    31. the kids good grades
    32. Rachel's straight As
    33. Sara Beth being such a good friend to so many
    34. getting to see at least one of my kids tonight when I got home so late
    35. no one getting hurt in an auto collision I saw today
    36. the good soup that was made for me tonight.
    37. Michael and Erika Phillips
    38. some good plans being made
    39. iPhones
    40. ebooks
    41. Walmart being right down the street from church
    42. pepper
    43. tomatoes

  13. Today I am thankful for
    1. The wonderful heated mattress pad on my bed
    2. The cool gel pillow that is on my warm bed (thank you Rick & Nevada)
    3. Yoga mats on sale
    4. God having the best sense of humor...and reminding me to have one too
    5. My son sang an Elvis song to me and asked me to dance in the kitchen this morning
    6. God blessing me with another day
    Denise Holloway

  14. Today I am thankful for
    1. The wonderful heated mattress pad on my bed
    2. The cool gel pillow that is on my warm bed (thank you Rick & Nevada)
    3. Yoga mats on sale
    4. God having the best sense of humor...and reminding me to have one too
    5. My son sang an Elvis song to me and asked me to dance in the kitchen this morning
    6. God blessing me with another day
    Denise Holloway

  15. Today I am thankful for
    1. The wonderful heated mattress pad on my bed
    2. The cool gel pillow that is on my warm bed (thank you Rick & Nevada)
    3. Yoga mats on sale
    4. God having the best sense of humor...and reminding me to have one too
    5. My son sang an Elvis song to me and asked me to dance in the kitchen this morning
    6. God blessing me with another day
    Denise Holloway

  16. I'm thankful for
    1. I finally got a workout in.
    2. Buddy for driving rachel to her 8am swim practice.
    3. good authors
    4. Christmas memories, even as I dislike the taking down of xmas things.
    5. old pictures of my girls that make me smile.
    6. Beth Moore
    7. The pretty view of the lake from my back windows.
    8. the people who sent us christmas cards, though I feel badly for not sending any out. :)
    9. Kyle Clark's great painting job on my kitchen cabinets that I still love after 2 years.
    10. the workout equipment that make up my gym in my basement so I don't have to drive to a gym.
    11. my laptop
    12. my favorite breakfast smoothie that so nurishing, tasty and filling
    13. the milk I drink that comes straight from the cow that was raised right in my town.
    14. the farmers that work so hard for so little so that I have healthy foods to eat
    15. people who fight for the small companies, farmers, etc. against big corporations and government.
    16. missionaries who sacrifice everything so that others might know jesus
    17. the Bible that leads the way

  17. I am thankful for...
    1. Day one completed of potty training
    2. Hours of sitting on the potty
    3. Two successful pees in the potty
    4. Only 1 accident!
    5. Laughter as my daughter poo'ed immediately after putting on her overnight diaper
    6. Time with God that makes me realize this can't happen at night
    7. A husband who helps me when I'm frustrated
    8. Elmo's Potty Time video
    9. Elmo's Potty Time book...with potty song parodies!!
    10. Sticker charts
    11. One last cheesecake bar
    12. A football game that win or lose my husband is happy
    13. BCS bowl week...can't every week of the year have football every night
    14. My husband finding my lost keys
    15. A patient son that watches as I lose my mind over lost keys
    16. Those who give so willingly to the Clubhouse, both with their time and/or with their finances
    17. God's nudging...gentle and not so gentle depending on how my listening skills are working
    18. Bath time for kiddos
    19. Encouraging text messages from friends
    20. A mom who is finally starting to feel better