Friday, January 4, 2013

Day 64

Today, I was so touched by the thankful lists I received.  They were huge... three hundred from one, 50 from others... there were multiple long lists pouring in throughout the day.  In fact, for the first time ever, we hit a 500 thankful reason milestone two days in a row!  That is totally God at work.  And it brought tears to my eyes seeing my friends supporting this blog.  Thank you so much for walking along beside me during the past 64 days.  I'm beyond words...  and without a picture because my computer wouldn't upload tonight. 

God is at work all around us, but sometimes we can't see it.  But wow... when He opens our eyes and reveals what He's doing in our lives, it is incredible.  A friend of mine is experiencing God in such an amazing way this week.  She is in the midst of a trial, and she is choosing to trust God and seek His face.  She has kept her faith moment by moment... and this week, God has done a mighty work... a miracle!  And she is celebrating and praying even harder as she anticipates what God can do next in her life.  God can surprise us...  and when He does, we can experience such a blessing as we look back and see His fingerprints all over the place. 

There is such power in choosing to trust God in the midst of your trial because nothing is impossible with God (Luke 1:37).  If you are in the midst of a trial right now, ask God to help you trust Him.  Ask God to open your eyes to how He's working.  And thank God in advance for what He's going to do.  God loves you so much.  Believe, give thanks and wait patiently on our God who can do immeasurably more that we could ever ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20). 

Tonight, I am thankful for...

1.  Sleeping in late with the whole family in one bed
2.  My son telling me the time
3.  Realizing that it was past time to get up, but still having enough time to get ready and not be late
4.  My hubby getting the boys breakfast so I could get ready
5.  My boys behaving so well at a meeting today!  I was one proud mamma!
6.  Chick-fil-a for lunch
7.  Finding a funny card
8.  Asking for help finding my favorite Chai Tea
9.  The sales associate finding 4 boxes of Chai Tea
10.  Buying three of the boxes... with coupons!
11.  Wreck-it Ralph
12.  An email from a friend that shared how she is experiencing Jesus in her life
13.  How God meets our needs
14.  How God speaks to us individually
15.  The courage of my dear friend as she faces trials
16.  Her peace that only comes from God
17.  Her positive attitude and joy
18.  Pasta Casserole for dinner
19.  Washing dishes
20.  Hubby giving my three year old a bath tonight
21.  Heart to heart with hubby after dinner
22.  God guiding me as I prepare for a retreat
23.  Hubby listening to me and helping me work through things
24.  Hugs from my boys
25.  Quiet in my house right now
26.  Boys sleeping soundly
27.  My purple fleece jacket that keeps me warm in the evening
28.  The long thankful lists that poured in today... brought tears to my eyes
29.  My seven year old playing outside with his friends
30.  Jammies
31.  Not doing any laundry today
32.  Walmart Grocery close to my house
33.  Celebrating thankful milestones
34.  Celebrating a milestones two days in a row!
35.  Chicken Tortilla Soup

Here's to 10,000 reasons... Only 2,200 to go...


  1. 1. Safe travel on vacation.
    2. Disney World
    3. Fireworks
    4. Washer and Dryer
    5. Spaghetti
    6. Children that are strong enough to ice skate
    7. Laughter
    8. Thank You's
    9. A job to return to today.
    10. Weekends without that job
    11. Great friends
    12. Live music
    13. UK basketball
    14. Swim Meets
    15. Intelligent children who can think for themselves
    16. Good books
    17. Going out to dinner
    18. Cooking a dinner that everyone likes
    19. Fires in the fireplace
    20. Neighbors
    21. Family
    22. Summer
    23. My dogs cold nose
    24. Having the dishwasher emptied for me
    25. The smell of cut grass

    1. My grandsons spending the day with me
      A warm house to live in
      All of Gods creations
      Plenty of food to eat
      Having great people in my life
      My church family
      Low sugar snacks
      The laughter of innocent children
      Going out for lunch

  2. 1. Watching my kids doing silly dances
    2. Hearing my kids laugh while playing together
    3. Watching my wife look at our newborn
    4. Having a job
    5. Having supportive friends at church
    6. A completely random hug and kiss from a friend
    7. Sticking with a New Years resolution for 3 whole days
    8. Having a warm home
    9. Diet Mt. Dew
    10. Watching funny shows before going to sleep at night

  3. 1. Redbox
    2. YouTube Yoga
    3. New Shoes
    4. Friday
    5. Solid State Hard Drives
    6. getting double hugs before I go to work
    7. Getting Tax Doc's together
    8. Covered Parking
    9. BD2
    10.Leftover Fish Sticks for lunch

  4. 1. God's Provision
    2. God's Word
    3. God's Salvation
    4. God's Creation
    5. God's Faithfulness
    6. God's Holiness
    7. God's Love
    8. God's Presence
    9. God's Strength
    10.God's Victory over sin
    11.God's Testing
    12.God's Blessing of children
    13.God's Trustworthiness
    14.God's Goodness
    15.God's Son
    16.God's Spirit
    17.God's Power
    18.God's Mercy
    19.God's Grace
    20.God's Justice

  5. Elizabeth Lenihan has tried to the point of almost becoming unthankful to post 50 Reasons from her phone in AZ, but CAN'T get it to go through and it has erased them 3 times! So, please count 50 more from e...she actually sent me 20 on a text, so she's legit, lol!!

    1. They are counted! Thanks for passing it along. :)

  6. I am thankful for...

    51. the beach
    52. all the people that have come into my lives and have made it richer and fuller
    53. sledding with my family
    54. the fact i can simply look outside and know that without question there is an amazing God who created this earth
    55. daisies
    56. snow ice cream
    56. smokey mountain Christmas
    57. Gap clearance center...without this we would have no clothes to wear!
    58. my little boy bringing me breakfast in bed
    59. my husband listening to me. knowing what i need sometimes even before i do
    60. knowing that i can do all things through Christ who gives me strength
    61. watching my little boy dance
    62. looking at the gift God has given Megan to draw
    63. hearing my hubby preach God's word with so much passion
    64. craft time with my babies
    65. all of us cooking together
    66. prompt care
    67. new years eve with my three fav people
    68. my new boots that are keepin my feet very warm!
    69. a heater that works
    70. i am thankful God gives to me even though i do not deserve it
    71. Jesus dying on the cross so that even when i mess up, i am forgiven
    72. laughter
    73. the coffee maker my hubby got me for Christmas!
    74. warm fuzzy blankets
    75. the smell of a roaring fire in the fireplace
    76. memories
    77. the fact that we are all healthy today
    78. Elizabeth Stucker who takes such good care of us
    79. prompt care....we are there A LOT
    80. watching my kids grow closer to God
    Alicia M.

  7. am thankful for amazing husband

    2. my sweet little boy

    3. my precious little girl

    4. my little macy

    5. a mom who loves me unconditionally

    6. a dad who is always there for me

    7. a sister who sacrifices for me

    8. being raised in a home that followed God

    9. a roof over my head

    10. a husband who works so hard to provide not just our needs but our wants

    11. a God who forgives me for all the many mistakes I make

    12. an amazing Christmas

    13. sweet tea from mcdonalds

    14. a crockpot to make cooking easier

    15. friends who love me for me

    16. a family who loves video games as much as i do

    17. nick and mal coming into town and taking time to spend with us

    18 tiffany and stephen being able to adopt two children

    19. coffee coffee coffee

    20. chic fil a

    21. a rav that still works after 12 years

    22. being able to homeschool my kids

    23. a church that is so dedicated to fellowship and furthering each persons walk with Christ

    24. life group

    25. Dr Garcia. without him i wouldn't be here...literally

    26. my camera so i can capture all those special moments

    27. 4 seasons that I can truly enjoy

    28. Beth Moore

    29. David Crowder

    30. my guitar

    31. worship music

    32. my iphone

    33. snow!!!

    34. snow icecream

    35. the laughter of my kids as the play together

    36. the way Richard backs me up when the kids are fighting instead of laughing

    37. my Lord and Savior

    38. the fact that Heather pushed me to sit down and think of things I'm thankful for

    39. Katie Nagy!

    40. Joanna Erickson who has walked so much with me. She is more than my friend, she is my sister

    41. Tina who is an adopted mom to my kids

    42. my sweet grandpa whos 94 and still going strong

    43. my cousin Laurie

    44. my cousin matt

    45. friday lunches at cousins with my family

    46. a break from school!

    47. Christmas

    48. my elipitical machine

    49. peace and quiet

    50. to be surrounded by so much love from my God, and my family

    Alicia M.

  8. I am thankful for :
    1. all my working parts, fluff and all :-)
    2. weight watchers program
    3. my weight watchers family
    4. my Adventure family
    5. new beginnings
    6. Louisville Bible College ( even though i may have to sit out this semester)
    7. answered prayers
    8. yes's
    9. no's
    10. wait's
    11. close,real,authentic relationships
    12. trusting GOD
    13. trusting others
    14. being trusted
    15. strength
    16. streching
    17. the beautiful colors of the sky
    18. over coming impossible odds ( by the world standards)
    19. art
    20. music
    21. poetry
    22. silence
    23. the beach
    24. winks
    25. hugs
    26. kisses
    27. terms of endearment
    28. inside jokes
    29. goals
    30. comradery
    31. passion
    32. drive
    33. motivstion
    34. determination
    35. smoothies
    36. scrambled eggs
    37. low cal great tasting hot chocolate
    38. confedence in God's promises
    39. World Vision
    40. Samaritan's Purse
    41. Community Clubhouse
    42. curiosity
    43. wonder
    44. amazement
    45. freedom
    46. hardwork
    47. Ford Truck Plant
    48. smiles
    49. date nights
    50. thankfulness (its powerful)
    Bonnie Lawrence

  9. 1. My Pastor who has encouraged me through times of uncertainty 2. My daughter Amelia making the basketball team at school 3. My son Luke who is such a help around the house 4. My Mom who came and spent the day yesterday helping me get my house back in order 5. My Mother in Law Jo for telling me she loves me over and over again 6. My father in law Charlie for witnessing to the family at Christmas the love and salvation of Jesus Christ 7. For the sweet face of my 10 month old niece, Ingrid, whom I am proud to be her Godmother.
    8. For my 3 year old nephew Jonah who wore his Superman PJ's on Thanksgiving and Christmas and gave a big smile to all those who saw him.
    9. For Downtown Abbey reruns
    10. For a fun time dancing on New Year's Eve 11. For a beautiful sparkly dream to wear to the dance.
    12. For safe travels to and from Montgomery over the holidays 13. For hot coffee 14. For my sister's new opportunity 15. For my warm house 16. For Christmas decorations 17. For a impromptu visit with my neighbor Betsey last night 18. For my sister in law Phyllis who found such a wonderful new home for my in law's to live 19. For my brother in law Robert, who stood by Phyllis as she successfully beat breast cancer over the last two years 20. For my brother in law Tim for always giving such sentimental gifts to his parents at Christmas 21. For Shea my sister in law who has successfully beat breast cancer and has been such a witness and for Christ through it all.
    22. For my new Kitchen Aid knives which I have so enjoyed using that I found at the thrift store for $3.00!
    23. For new pink, soft bedroom slippers 24. For the time to sit and write out this list.
    25. For a good walk and talk with my mom yesterday 26. For my sweet dog Trixie who has been such a companion to me 27. For my beautiful cat Lucy for all her purrs and affection she shows me 28. For my daughter Amelia's bravery as she confronts her past.
    29. For chocolate covered coconut candies 30. For the provisions of food 31. For the hope of the New Year 32. For my brother Mike's unique way of distributing his Christmas presents this past year.
    33. For my sister in law Dana and what a wonderful support she has been to me 34. For the deeper relationship I have been able to develop with Dana this past year.
    35. For the provision of Luke's braces
    36. For the support of Amelia and Luke's teachers at Carrither's Middle School 37. For the front office staff at Carrither's Middle School 38. For the lunchroom staff at Carrither's Middle School 39. For an impromptu visit from my friend Cathy Nagy on Tuesday 40. For the McAllister's sweet tea she brought me 41. For time after Christmas Shopping with Cathy on Wednesday 42. For Stu Perry who is an excellent youth minister to my kids at Adventure Christian Church 43. For Chris Dailey, for his passion and all his work at the Community Clubhouse 44. For Elizabeth Lenihan and all of her great ideas to get the word out about the Community Clubhouse 45. For Kim Combest and her great connections lining up the right people for a successful Impact fundraising breakfast for the Community Clubhouse 46. For Raisin Bran for breakfast, one of my favorite cereals 47. For Ed Rosenburg and his commitment to his vows 48. For Melissa Lopez and her brilliant mind, endless energy and top notch work for the Community Clubhouse 49. For Sarah Gatewood and her year of putting all the pieces in place to make the Community Clubhouse a reality 50. For God's provision of meaningful work in my life through the Community Clubhouse
    Rosie T.

  10. 51. For God's provision for my children and their needs 52. For David's increased involvement with the kids 53. For a basketball hoop and backboard for the kid's Christmas present 54. For black tennis shoes for Luke's Christmas present 55. For the list of 10 reasons why I love you each of the kids wrote to me on Christmas Day 56. For my friend Bonnie Lawrence and what an inspiration she has been to so many people as she posts her journey, the ups and downs, of her losing weight and embracing a healthier lifestyle 57. For Russ Lawrence and what a testimony he is as a Superman Husband.
    58. For Carrie Howard, and her bright smile, her encouraging and informational posts on health and for loving her husband and being an excellent example of a Christian wife 59. For hot cups of tea on a cold winter's day 60. For my friend Mike Crombie and the tears we have shared 61. For Amelia's Girl Scout troop and how much she looks forward to going to the meetings 62. For Ben Blatz, Amelia's basketball coach and how he has mentored her this year 63. For the men at Adventure Christian Church and their support of my son Luke at the monthly men breakfast.
    64. For Dan Robinson and his support of Luke cooking the pancakes and being on the breakfast crew at the men's breakfast.
    65. For Jenna Boone for tutoring Luke
    66. For Josh Gatewood for tutoring Luke 67. For Phillip Brandon for Tutoring Luke 68. For Susan Brandon for reaching out to me and praying for me 69. For the members of my divorce recovery group and how much they have been there for me as I heal from the end of my marriage 70. For Amanda Lawrey and her magnificent smile and always having a hug ready for me 71. For Anne Wegert and her friendship and mentorship 72. For my Dad and his uplifting words he gives to me every time he sees me 73. For the strength to let go of stuff, both physically and mentally 74. For God's word in the Bible and the truth that is absolute.
    75. For being assured of my salvation
    76. For the peace God has given me that surpasses all understanding in the midst of tragedy 77. For the plans The Lord has for me, to give me a hope and a future 78. For the prayers our elders and Pastor have prayed for me 79. For Lemon Sour Cream Pound Cake 80. For watching Elf with my family and laughing our heads off 81. For new insurance cards that came in the mail 82. For Kendall Ymalay and the support she has been to me and my family 83. For the opportunity that I have been able to help someone else that is facing a similar circumstance in their marriage 83. For the reuniting of Sally with her husband 84. For peace and quiet 85. For keeping me healthy and without sickness this past year 86. For the joy I have received meeting so many new people through my work this past year 87. For my high school friends and the fun night out we had bowling 88. For a friend inviting me to breakfast with other adoptive moms 89. For walks with my dog, Trixie 90. For the opportunity to see the Christmas Program at Walnut Street Baptist Church and see old friends 91. For the stranger that was so kind to my children at Christmas 92. For my brother Pat's enjoyment of retirement 93. For my sister Karen's stories of her five kids that always make me laugh 94. For my brother Mark and what an excellent provider he is to his family 95. For my brother in law Tim and what a wonderful father he is to his children 96. For the good heart to heart talks I've had this past year with my sister Ann 97. For the beautiful Christmas display on my dresser 98. For an iPad and iPhone this past year, both of which were given to me 99. For my dear friend Heather Snider, who is brave and courageous, trustworthy and wise and who has been such a good friend to me. She started this blog and I am so proud. She is such a testimony to me and everyone who knows her or knows of her for her continued trust and love of the LORD in all circumstances.
    100. For my Lord Jesus Christ, who loves me and has not forsaken me. Rosie

  11. 1. For lunch with my hubby today
    2. For Starbuck's with my hubby today
    3. For my daughter getting to play with a friend after school today
    4. For tutoring that my daughter receives at Community Clubhouse
    5. The the Chulbhouse entrusted me to volunteer for their wonderful organization
    6. For my pastor, Buddy Howard
    7. For all the Christmas decorations being put away
    8. For tall, skinny, decaf Caramel Macchiatos
    9 For my jigsaw puzzle
    10. that it's FRIDAY
    11. For Jeremiah 29:11
    12. For friends taking care of friends
    13. For the "Unwich" only 2pts!
    14. That my computer didn't mess up like it usually does when I go back to fix something
    15. For my favorite shows
    16. For people who have greater knowledge than I and can help in times of trials
    17. For Lucy turning 6 this month (MY BABY!)
    18. For the Bible
    19. For my great God and Savior Jesus Christ
    20. For Heather Snider, our amazing Women's Ministry leader and all the work she puts in to the spiritual lives of us women


  12. 1. The feeling after you exercise!
    2.realizing you can do more than you think you can!
    3. Texts from my mom
    4. A beautiful lunch
    5. My anger lessening only thanks to God!
    6. My confusion not answered but I trust God therefore I know we are going to get through this time
    7. Motivating instructors
    8. My memories
    9. My schools and teachers
    10. All the churches I've attended in my life. St George's, Grace, St Francis and Adventure. They have all been links to getting me where I am today.
    11. Fridays!!
    12. A husband who does try hard.
    13. Crushed ice
    14. Eyes that can see
    15. Ears that can hear
    16. Legs that work
    17. A support system even when I don't know it!
    18. Doctors appointments scheduled
    19. Massage appt at 8pm
    20. Hearing john laugh
    21. Making someone laugh
    22. Meg taking over and not skipping a beat
    23. The sounds of waves crashing
    25. Heather and this blog!
    26. Ginny and her bible studies
    27. Bonnie and her understanding in all circumstances and constant joy
    28. Hill and all he has done in California
    29. Cathy Nagy for listening to God and sending texts exactly when I need them
    30. Ohhh for denise who has just cheered me on!!
    31. Buddy for starting adventure
    32. richard and his organization and ability to relate and teach and minister and for his being at adventure
    33. My dad the last few times I've seen him..
    34. Good relationships with my daughter's friends
    35. Black sharpies!
    36. Music and the happiness it brings
    37. Things that smell awesome!
    38. Speaking of smell awesome, those nee little beads you add to laundry to make it smell great- the purple and the pink
    39. Adelaide washing all the sheets in the house
    40 Lillian and adde making all the beds
    41. For teachers who help adde learn
    42. For Elle's ability to remember everything!!
    43. The whole Lavin family
    44. Aunt Vicki and her humor
    45. For papa and how much he tried with us
    46. The breeze
    47. All the amazing things our bodies do
    48 getting older
    49 getting more thankful
    50. God working even when you don't think He is!!!!!!


  13. 51.AA
    52.nd football
    53. My mom
    54. SIR
    55. Tenants
    56. Sun
    57. Emmaus
    59. Hair
    60. E
    61. A&P
    62. Stub Hub
    65. Diet coke
    66. Subway
    67. Irish heritage
    68. Humor
    70. Dad
    71. In laws
    74, lunch
    75.jim Evans
    76. Dr wheeler
    77. Dr spragens
    79. I phone
    80. Comfy's
    81. Baseball
    82. Basketball
    85. REC
    86. Morton center
    87. Willpower
    88. Short memory
    92. Chick filet
    93. Novels
    94. 400 count sheets
    95. NTS
    97. Blav
    98. DB
    100. Faith!

  14. I am thankful for...
    1. 90 minute of time with God before the kiddos woke up
    2. The "Brave" bible study...even if I'm finishing it up on my own
    3. "Jesus Calling" devotional
    4. The awesome gal that gave me the devotional in #3
    5. A journal that is getting filled in 2013 more than any other year
    6. God speaking so clearly to me through the journaling process
    7. The promises of God being so Me and you will find Me
    8. A husband who looked so handsome on his way out the door to go into the office
    9. Coffee and a crossiant
    10. A sleeping in kind of morning for the kiddos
    11. Visible signs of illness
    12. Oldham County Pediatrics
    13. A pediatrician who prays with me for my children
    14. the Holy Spirit
    15. Trying something out, even if it didn't work
    16. Knowing the hearts of those trying to help when things didn't work out
    17. Trusting God to guide the medical professionals my family comes into contact with
    18. Stickers
    19. Suckers
    20. Mylinda
    21. Cynithia
    22. Marie
    23. Dawn
    24. Quick in and out at KCMC
    25. Joe
    26. Rachel
    27. Lindsay
    28. The bubble wall at KCMC
    29. The strength to carry a sore 2 year old and a 3 month old in an infant carrier down long hallways and to my car AT THE SAME TIME!
    30. Medicine to heal
    31. Blood work to provide insight
    32. Negative flu test
    33. Negative strep test
    34. The emotional strength from God to do things to help your child that result in tears, pain and heartache
    35. A Big Mac, Fries and a Coke...little did I know that would be my last meal for a, was it yummy!!!
    36. 15 minutes of quiet time while eating the delicious meal in #35...thanking God for so many things
    37. Wisdom of a specialist
    38. Wisdom of a friend to provide rational and logical thought to me while packing for admission to the hospital
    39. No traffic from Goshen to downtown
    40. The right, kind words for my husband in a stressful exchange
    41. A 3 month old who is so relaxed, flexible and adaptable
    42. A financial situation that allows us to only go to the ER when necessary
    43. Nurse specialists who realize I'm a mama who likes to know what she's doing but actually has no clue!
    44. Natalie
    45. Donna
    46. Dr. Cheerva
    47. Dr. Raj
    48. Dr. Reinke

  15. I am thankful for...
    49. Tiffany
    50. Cindy
    51. A polar bear waiting for my daughter after massive amounts of a blood work and an IV that will stay put for days
    52. Talking about courage, bravery, rubber duckies, octopi and Jesus with my daughter and 2 nurses during the procedure in #51
    53. Fun kiddie wheelchairs for transport
    54. Kathy
    55. Shannon
    56. Sean
    57. Linda
    58. Friends that pray continously
    59. Friends that love my family like their own
    60. The prayers of 2 awesomely sweet boys
    61. The video of close family friends that made my family laugh out loud time and time and time again
    62. Voicemails and text messages that let us know people love us and are praying for us
    63. Being in a hospital room big enough for my family of 4 to sleep and live for as long as needed
    64. Being able to ask questions without feeling dumb
    65. Loving my daughter so much and knowing that God loves her so much more
    66. Recognizing that my attitude during the day would have been EXTREMELY different had I not started my day out with God
    67. Peace that passes all understanding
    68. True joy that isn't dictated by circumstances
    69. Being encouraged to give thanks in all circumstances
    70. The hope of possibility finding out how I can better help my daughter
    71. A chair that turns into a "bed"
    72. Veggie Tales movies
    73. Finding Nemo
    74. Tangled
    75. Singing "Jesus Loves Me" with my daughter before she tried to fall asleep
    76. Tylenol
    77. Antibiotics
    78. Bone marrow...regardless of how it works or doesn't work
    79. God's perfect timing
    80. Celebrating Christmas and New Year's Eve with family without illness
    81. A 3 month old who sleeps better in his car seat than in his crib
    82. Technology to detect fevers
    83. Hospital staff that want to make sure I'm comfortable
    84. A husband who returned home to pack up things for the next however many days...with a crying 3 month old
    85. Taco Bell at's authentic mexican, right?
    86. Ice cold water
    87. Bunny crackers
    88. Bananas
    89. Graham crackers and peanut butter
    90. More stickers
    91. Dolls made for my daughter by people we don't even know
    92. Coloring books and crayons
    93. Sleeping family
    94. Not being able to go back to sleep at 4:30am because of being overwhelmed by God's love and protection
    95. Phillipians 4:6-7
    96. Isaiah 41:10
    97. Psalm 46:1
    98. Psalm 34:3
    99. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
    100. God's unfailing goodness, faithfulness and protection...thank you for blessing my family beyond what I deserve

  16. I am thankful for:
    1. enjoying Jazzercise for so many years
    2. lunch with a friend I haven't seen for awhile
    3. Jason's Deli salad bar!!
    4. freedom to pray
    5. the Lord's healing words of life
    6. modern medicine and what it is doing for someone we love
    7. Kosair's Children's Hospital - what a great place
    8. a great parking place right where I needed it
    9. the amazing selection of Bible studies that Lifeway carries
    10. a different calculus teacher for my son this semester
    11. the fun of trying some new recipes
    12. Project Runway - I really like this show and am amazed by what they participants can design and execute
    13. my daughter's relaxed state during this Christmas Break
    14. time to chat with my husband
    15. getting a budgeting project done
    16. my constant companion - Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior
    17. precious babies, especially the one I held today
    18. laughter, I'm always thankful for laughter
    19. my accountability group and their faithful prayers that have lifted and sustained me over the years
    20. my first Bible (that I still use and know where everything is in it)

  17. 15 Things Jonathan Parker Nagy is thankful for(in his words):
    1. God
    2. I like riding in a boat(this has happened once)
    3. Mickey
    4 Goofy is silly
    5. snow
    6. Katie(as she walked in to the room)!
    7. Dad
    8. MOmmy
    9. Chloe
    10. Curious George
    11. Jake
    12. my toys
    13. my desk
    14. flowers, i LOVE flowers
    15. my teachers

    I'm done

  18. Today, Katie Nagy is thankful for:
    1. God
    2. my family
    3. my friends
    4. Adventure Christian Church
    5. God answering my prayers this year
    6. Realizing God is in control
    7. a roof over my head
    8. Bible verses to help me everyday
    9. medicine to help my ear infection
    10. communication
    11. Bekah
    12. Ghana
    13. Chris
    14. that my Mom's home and safe
    15. that I'm turning 16 in exactly 85 days!!!!
    16. Mac n cheese
    17. my Ipad
    18. my phone
    19. people who pray with me
    20. my cousins
    21. my school
    22. Chick fil a
    23. sleepovers
    24. Moe's
    25. Sarabeth
    26. Rachel
    27. Pastor Buddy
    28. Mom Carrie
    29. my best friend, Jake
    30. Jonathan, my gift from God
    31. Doctors
    32. Stu
    33. Alicia
    34. teachers
    35. Snapchat
    36. Twitter
    37. Christmas
    38. Thanksgiving
    39. The four seasons of the year
    40. snow
    41. The Beach
    42. movies
    43. family sleepovers
    44. Instagram
    45. facebook
    46. my boots
    47. footed jammies...that my mom stole and is wearing right now
    48. Adventure Youth Group bed
    50. sleeping in
    51. mashed potatoes
    52. grilled cheese
    53. Queso dip
    54. warm apple juice
    55. gum
    56. swimming
    57. better knees
    58. Coach Amy
    59. blankets
    60. Heather Snider

  19. Today, I am thankful for:
    1. it's the weekend
    2. medicine for Katie to feel better
    3. a 'girls day' with Katie
    4. chick flicks
    5. her smile
    6. snuggling
    7. CAL
    8. Jonathan being sweet even when he's sleepy
    9. early morning talks
    10. hot showers(I know I mention them often, but when you've lived without them for months, they are SO nice)
    11. love
    12. forgiveness
    13. my brother Matt, who taught me so much
    14. kitchen appliances
    15. popcorn
    16. Jake's on his way home
    17. hair dryers
    18. hair straightners
    19. hair
    20. crafts the kids have made
    21. decorating with family pictures everywhere
    22. warm vests
    23. potato soup
    24. our neighbors, Barney and Sally
    25. so many ways to communicate
    26. lotion for Jonathan, Jake and my very dry skin
    27. the kids love for Christ
    28. Christs love for us
    29. support
    30. encouragement
    31. snowmen that haven't melted yet
    32. Special K portein drinks
    33. fitness tips that work
    34. healthy food
    35. water
    36. Arnold Palmers
    37. vitamins
    38. napkins
    39. that anytime something is spilled in the house, eveyone laughs and says, 'first spill of the day!', thanks to Paul
    40. Chloe being 'afraid' to jump over a 'barrier' that is literally 4 inches tall, lol
    41. photo albums
    42. People magazine
    43. Quiet time with each child
    44. Jonathan knowing, writing and recognizing his numbers up to 10
    45. His growing vocabulary
    46. our bed
    47. Jonathan coming to me with his new DS game and saying, 'MOm look, can you help me with dis?'
    48. texts from e that make me smile and reflect
    49. lunch plans with my other elizabeth next week
    50. nicole
    51. Cath
    52. that my whole family noticed how great the music was at Christmas Eve eve service this year
    53. Todd Hammonds and the great job he's doing!
    54. that several men posted today
    55. reading what other people post
    56. cracking up at many posts
    57. saying 'Amen' out loud to many posts!
    58. how the house lights up and gets so much livlier when Daddy comes home everyday
    59. that Chloe leads us all in how we should greet Daddy after a long day at work...bark loudly with joy, jump on him and give him unlimited kisses!
    60. it's the weekend!

  20. 1. My family.
    2. My good job.
    3. Animals
    4. Food
    5. Water
    6. Shelter
    7. Friends
    8. Tap & Jazz Dance
    9. One Direction (the boy band)
    10. My health
    11. My freedom in Christ.
    12. My freedom in my country.
    13. My talents/gifts.
    14. Babies.
    15. A godly spouse
    16. Obedient Children
    17. Retirement.
    18. My warm bed.
    19. Grandchildren.
    20. My daughters.
    21. My son-in-laws.
    22. Thankful for the new year.
    23. Hearing the girls' giggles.
    24. Getting my ears pierces.
    25. My cat, Pearl.
    26. My 3 dogs.
    27. My cheer team.
    28. Irish Dance.
    29. Ice cream cake.
    30. Crafting.
    31. Snow days.
    32. For school/education.
    33. School breaks.
    34. Good books to read.
    35. Netflix
    36. Games to play.
    37. Grandparents.
    38. The Bible - God's word
    39. Clothing/fashion
    40. Chexmix and all snacks.
    41. Dr Who
    42. Music
    43. Performing Arts
    44. Visual Arts
    45. The sky.
    46. Lazer Tag
    47. Celebrations.
    48. Plant life
    49. The air we breathe.
    50. Jesus, our savior.

    Debbie & friends

  21. Sydney:

    1. Surprise FB message from my pastor telling me he had prayed for me
    2. Clean bill of health at check up
    3. Friend trusted me to watch her 1st grade niece i had never met
    4. Asked to help this weekend with boy with Autism at church
    5. Got a new Autim awareness liscense plate today:-)
    6. Didnt have to get new TB test for student teaching because my old one still has 2 weeks before expiration:-)
    7. Client gave me a sock monkey!
    8. God rewarded me with $50 bill being already covered because i chose to not bill work $50 dishonestly!
    9. Paid my bills today with enough to last for groceries and gas
    10. Got to get my daughter unexpectedly during dads time today and spend time with her.
    11. Only 2 days til girls get back from their dads
    12. Hugs from friends
    13. Was told i had a great "share" at a meeting
    14. Mom called to say hey
    15. God gave me self control to hold my tongue in a moment of anger
    16. God helped me.turn around some negative thoughts
    17. My furnace is not broken
    18. My furnace is a hybrid and so i can keep it turned up!:-)
    19. Friend said she would love me to join her next mission trip to Haiti
    20. More extra work hours
    21. Got all of my paperwork requirements in just under the wire to begin practicum on Monday
    22. Last semester of grad school til i earn my masters degree
    23. Clients Family giving me tmrw morning off work
    24. Opportunity to worship at SE tmrw since I'll be missing worshop at Adventure sunday while serving
    25. Opportunity to serve:-)
    26. God gave me wisdom to walk away quickly from what could have turned into a bad relationship
    27. Still friends with a person I walked away from
    28. Every song i heard on Christian radio today
    29. My car runs
    30. Client gave me a card and called me second mom
    31. Clients mom trusts me to act a second mom:-)
    32. Money to buy food when i was hungry
    33. Gas in my car
    34. Many memories of happy times
    35. Being at peace
    36. Daughter accidentally skyped first skype! So cool (but need to get used to it!)
    37. Daughter leaned on my shoulder unexpectedly at lunch and said "i missed you"
    38. Unexpected compliment from an acquaintance who said "youre so pretty"
    39. Ex husband who usually avoids me answered a pbone call from me today (always always goes to vm)
    40. Ex husband did not sound annoyed or as resentful as usual
    41. Hugs from both of my girls today when normally today i would not see them
    42. Friend wjo went to hed drunk last night woke up today alive and "well"
    43. I have not had alcohol in 263 days...
    44. I dont miss alcohol because God took away my desire for it
    45. I have a roof over my head
    46. Fleece sheets (seriously get some)
    47. Warm coat
    48. Was told my work was inspiring
    49. Was told im an amazing teacher inside and outside of classroom
    50. Choices

  22. 1. To steal from Cathy Nagy- definitely hair straightners!!!
    2. and with that, keratin treatments
    3. Rocks- any size or shape
    4. Candles
    5. Fires in fireplaces
    6. Special little plastic angels from my childhood
    7. Photo albums
    8. Scrapbooks
    9. Lights.. Christmas lights, LED lights. Just glowing cool lights
    10. Clean fresh designs with no clutter
    11. Hope
    12. Tall ceilings
    13. Velvet
    14. leather
    15. Fake fur
    16. Vitamins
    17. The bus stop conversations
    18. Finding people like me
    19. Texts from my girls
    20. Texts in general
    21. Email
    22. America
    23. Newborn babies
    24. First time moms!!
    25. Moms with lots of experience!
    26. People who are laid back
    27. Speaking of laid back, I am thankful for Karen Crombie and how she always made me smile and nothing was ever stressful with her... Just easy going and someone I could forever count on!! And whose texts would crack me up!!
    28. Ok, mike Crombie for how he makes me laugh and how he is parenting and loving and continuing ... Even though its so hard!
    29. Clean clothes
    30. Thankful that bc of this thankfulness experiment I choose to be thankful during my spare time!!!
    31. All the people I know doing this experiment
    32. Mashed cauliflower - (at this spa,) I'd never make it
    33. Sweet potatoes
    34. Candy- especially anything willy wonka
    35. My cousins!
    36. Waterskiing
    37. Snow skiing
    38. Barre class
    39. Treadmills
    40. Pilates
    41.sally and highly
    42. Authentic and real people in my life
    43. Thankful that I always want to improve
    44. Thankful that I don't feel 44 ( 44th reason- very cool timing) years old
    45. That I'm always early and do not add that stress to my life of rushing
    46. Thankful that elle and I are both very organized
    47. Thankful that the tv is not on
    48. Thankful for tomorrow being Saturday
    49. Thankful for all families
    50. The ability to pray!!

  23. 1. For all of Rosie's cards and encouragement and just smiling as a testimony to God's power!!
    2. For all children in this world!
    3. For Jo and the love and energy she shows to her kids and me and the youth of adventure
    4. The 4th/ 5th Sunday school class who make me smile and learn every time I teach
    5. For Daryl for making me laugh and knowing and understanding
    6. For lynn ,who I was scared of but now really am starting to understand
    7. For encouraging people!
    8. For bread- I love bread!
    9. For muscles
    10. For cold rooms and lots of blankets

  24. Amandal .
    bible studies.
    megans 5th birthday
    Megan got her ears pierced .
    megans friends.
    megans friends saying happy birthday.
    Birthday cake that Steve made.
    birthday balloons
    birthday cards.
    Ginny Crowe
    Heather snider

  25. AmandaL .
    Jesus for dying on the cross for our sins.
    God s wisdom
    God grace
    God love
    God lessons.

  26. AmandaL .
    shave cream
    barber pole
    hair clips.
    hair capes

  27. I am thankful for:
    1. my haircut
    2. men's breakfast turnout
    3. chris S.'s teaching at the breakfast
    4. that Rachel's double practices are over
    5. a not so cold day
    6. the Jefferson book I am reading
    7. all of the thankful responses on this blog
    8. what I've learned from having to write my thankfulnesses down
    9. a surprise check in the mail
    10. getting to spend time with family last night
    11. spending time with Kim C.
    12. the men getting the trees down today at church
    13. getting all of the chairs moved
    14. learning how to turn the sound system on
    15. proverbs 5