Friday, December 28, 2012

Day 58

I am not good at remembering names.  I want to remember names, but apparently not well enough to employ name recall strategies.  Often when I meet someone new, I've forgotten their name during the midst of our first conversation.  I've even had to say "I'm sorry, I'm not good with names.  Can you tell me your name again?"  Yeah... got some work to do on this one.  Can any of you relate? 

I was reading Psalm 147 today and verse 4 jumped off the page at me:  He (God) determines the number of the stars and calls them each by name.  This verse just blows my mind!!  Have you ever been out in the country and looked at the sky on a clear night?  The stars are everywhere... some big, some small... and it's quite spectacular.  And to think that we just see a small snapshot of ALL the stars at that moment.  There are stars out in the universe that we can't even see with the naked eye.  Any guesses regarding the number of stars in the universe?  One website claims that there are between 10 sextillion and 1 septillion stars in the Universe. (Read more:  And guess what?  God not only knows the total number of stars, but He also has a name for each of them!  And to think that I can't even remember one person's name after I meet them.  Our God is so incredibly awesome! 

Here's another detail that shows how awesome our God is.  Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies [fn]? Yet not one of them is forgotten by God. Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrowsLuke 12:7-8  God knows us so well that He even knows the numbers of hairs on our heads.  Doesn't it make you feel so loved to know that God is in tune with the tiniest detail about you... like the number of hairs on your head?  My mind can hardly scratch the surface of comprehending how much God loves me. 

These verses remind us to put Psalm 147:7 into practice:  Sing to the Lord with thanksgiving; make music to our God on the harp.  Let's give God thanks for being All-Knowing, All-Powerful and Everywhere.  What an awesome God we have!

Tonight, I am thankful for...

1.  God knowing the number of stars and having names for each of them
2.  God knowing me so intimately that He knows when a single hair falls out of my head
3.  God knowing everything
4.  God is always with me... I am never alone
5.  Nothing is impossible with God (Luke 1:37)... He truly is All-Powerful
6.  My son falling back asleep this morning
7.  My three year old's creativity with a large rectangle of cardboard
8.  Getting the bedrooms cleaned today
9.  Two boys picking up their rooms so I could dust
10.  Reading "My Brave Year of Firsts" by Jamie Lee Curtis with the boys and stopping to notice all the silliness in the illustrations
11.  Mixed nuts
12.  Having dinner with our good friends at my hubby's favorite restaurant
13.  Advil
14.  Cottage Pie on a cold winter's night
15.  The chill of a single snowflake hitting my skin
16.  Driving with snowflakes rushing at our windows - beautiful!
17.  My handy hubby that can fix anything
18.  God's Word
19.  Christian Authors
20.  Who is my Shelter?  by Neta Jackson
21.  Hearing my hubby's text ring... it makes me smile every time

Here's to 10,000 reasons... Only 3,560 to go...


  1. I am thankful for:
    1. God's grace and how Ephesians explains it
    2. that thru Christ, we may approach God with freedom and confidence
    3. getting all the laundry done today
    4. a fun winter walk at Tom Sawyer park with my husband
    5. great conversation
    6. being able to help someone find the County Clerk's office
    7. new glasses - and how clear everything is
    8. Dr. Stallard - a great optometrist!
    9. the Heisler family's love for my son
    10. leftover cookie cake
    11. someone breaking into the box of See's candy!
    12. the ease of research on the internet

  2. Amandal.
    I'm thankful for sleeping in.
    I'm thankful for the snow.
    I'm thankful for madi spending the night with a friend.
    I'm thankful for its the weekend.
    I'm thankful for cookies.

  3. I am thankuful for
    1.Getting my yearly mammogram.
    2.Having insurance.
    3.Having a light on my kindle so I could read while I was waiting. (they were using a generator so overhead lighting was out.
    4.Getting in and out within an hour.
    5.My grandkids excited about going out of town.
    6.Going out to eat with my husband.
    7.Getting home early.
    8.Having a kindle to read while my husband watches football.
    9.Seeing the snow falling.
    10.Having a restful day.
    11.Eating lunch at home with my husband and two of my grandchildren.

  4. i am thankful for:
    1. snowy days that don't have to be made up in June.
    2. knowing the bummer of having to reschedule my family Christmas results in them being safe.
    3. sleeping in.
    4. playing games w/ kids and my husband getting home in time to play with us, too.
    5. still being in my pj's.
    6. having a new chocolate project to do.
    7. all the neat ways to learn something new every day.
    8. down comforters.
    9. snuggling with my son...a rare occasion these days.
    10. catching up w/ a great friend and knowing all families are dysfunctional to some degree...not just mine.
    11. seeing the humor in the dysfunction of my family. We put the funk in dysfunctional...obviously a 60's/70's child :)
    12. very helpful customer service.
    13. my husband arriving safely home from work.
    14. a relaxing Saturday! Yahoooooo!
    15. gift cards.
    16. pancakes for lunch...did I mention we are dysfunctional?
    17. a winter wonderland so I can have a snow picture for my calendars for next Christmas. Planning ahead!
    18. nutella and berries w/ pancakes.
    19. lazy morning to read a new book.
    20. smell of freshly shampooed hair.

  5. I am Thankful for:

    1. God knowing my name
    2. My marriage
    3. A surprise gift to our church
    4. The new Thomas Jefferson book I'm reading
    5. Andy Stanley
    6. Test results for a friend and brother
    7. Martha's surgery
    8. A day to just read and ang out
    9. Carrie's attitude and love for her family
    10. Todd R.'s being at church yesterday to help me right when I needed him
    11. Answered prayers
    12. Exercise
    13. Safe travel for my sister
    14. All f the Christmas cards and wishes we were sent
    15. Emmaus formations starting soon and being prepared already
    16. All of the new babies at our church
    17. A wise judge to work with every week

  6. 18. "God-ideas" for the next two sermon series
    19. The girls and their friends cracking up in the kitchen as I type this
    20. Seeing so many people at our Christmas Eve eve service
    21. My new jacket
    22. Freedom
    23. Our governmental system, even when it seems messed up, it's still done peacefully
    24. People who always care for others

  7. Amandal.
    I'm thankful for peace.
    I'm thankful for bowling.
    I'm thankful that I bowled a strike.
    I'm thankful for ava going to cosmos modeling agent.
    I'm thankful for Leslie Wilson.

  8. I am thankful for...
    1. Answered prayer
    2. Eleven beautiful faces smiling for an incredible family picture
    3. Seeing my mom and dad so content and full of joy
    4. Strength that can only come from God
    5. Safe travel for family
    6. Cousin laughter
    7. Leaning Tower subs
    8. Songs to sing and dance to
    9. Nap time for kiddos
    10. Time to catch up with my sister in law
    11. Cousin hugs
    12. Story time with G'ma
    13. Tickle time with G'pa
    14. Prayer
    15. Mercy
    16. Peace
    17. Love
    18. Joy
    19. Faithfulness
    20. Patience

  9. I am thankful for ....
    1) a warm, beautiful fire in the fireplace
    2) good friends
    3) my Savior
    4) finishing a great book and starting another good read
    5) my bible and journal