Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Day 48

I've mentioned several times how much I love my "Jesus Calling" devotion by Sarah Young and today I want to share how I found it.  It all began on Black Friday 2011.  My mom and I were on a Black Friday shopping spree... but let me qualify this.  Our version of Black Friday shopping begins around 10 AM... so we're often missing the biggest crowds while still getting the good deals.  We ended up at Lifeway Christian Bookstore and the line was really long.  In fact, it was the longest line we stood in all day, I think.  But God had a reason for us being in the long line... We ended up chatting with the ladies around us and somehow we got on the topic of the Jesus Calling devotion because it was on sale that day.  The gal in front of us shared that she loved the devotion because God often used it to share just what she needed to hear that day.  Then another lady chimed in, sharing that she agreed and loved it too.  And I thought, well, if it's that great... and because it's on sale... I'm gonna buy one too.  I also bought the kid's version.  And so, my "Jesus Calling" journey begins...

What I've discovered is those ladies were so right about how God uses this devotion to speak right to my heart.  It's amazing how I'll find a quote on thanksgiving that resonates since I'm working on this experiment.  Or it might provide encouragement I needed to hear... or scriptures that speak truth or provide clarity.  I'm so very thankful that God used those ladies in the Black Friday line to introduce me to this devotion.   

Today, the devotion hit the spot for me.  I had a really tough day yesterday and today's devotion focused on giving thanks even when you have problems.  Let me share a few excerpts with you...

In faith, thank Me for your problems... Once you have become grateful for a problem, it loses its power to drag you down.  On the contrary, your thankful attitude will lift you up into heavenly places with Me.   (Young, p. 369)

Just what I needed to hear...  Choosing thankfulness during a problem can change my perspective.  It can help me choose a positive attitude.  It can remind me of Who God Is and how He can use anything... even my problems... for good. 

And so, while I was still weighed down this morning with emotions from the previous day, God used these words to remind me to BE THANKFUL.  So, I played 10,000 Reasons on my iPhone while dropping the boys off to school and we sang it together.  Then, I flipped through the radio channels, and it was on again and I whispered "Thank you, God, it's just what I needed."  I focused on singing praise songs and not just listening to them, because singing them fills my mind with the truth even more.  And I used my sword of the spirit (aka Bible verses) to remind me who I am in Christ to defeat the lies that were knocking around in my head.  And you know what?  God was so faithful.  My mood began to change.  I started to notice more things to be thankful for.  God is good and I'm so glad that the simple instruction "... give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus" (1 Thessalonians 5:18) can have such a powerful effect on my thoughts and my attitude. 

Thank You, God, for helping me experience the benefits of choosing thankfulness today.  And remind me of this in the future, because thanksgiving puts me in such a better place!  In Jesus Name, Amen.

Tonight, I am thankful for...

1.  The message in Jesus Calling today (December 18th)
2.  10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman
3.  Middle of a Miracle by Francesca Battistelli
4.  Smell of fresh baked bread at WW Cousin's
5.  Lunch with my mom and niece
6.  My mom's creative strategy to get my son to eat his lunch... and it worked!
7.  A sweet text from a friend at just the right moment
8.  Wearing sunglasses today
9.  Hearing my son sing Marshmallow World in the car
10.  My boys getting new PJs and ornaments tonight from my parents and their delight in the presents
11.  Cousin PJ fashion show and pictures in front of the Christmas tree
12.  My son singing me a song before bed
13.  Christmas cards halfway finished
14.  Knowing that bedtime is right around the corner
15.  Seeing my son with antlers and a red nose when I picked him up from school today... hello Rudolph!
16. Encouraging words

Here's to 10,000 reasons... Only 4,828 to go...

Young, Sarah.  Jesus Calling.  (2004)  December 18 (p 369).  Nashville, TN:  Thomas Nelson.


  1. 1. Meeting new people
    2. Learning about a really cool and inspirational place
    3. Opportunity for a new client
    4. Opportunity to bring more people to church
    5. Friend took advice that ended and immoral relationship
    6. Friend chose to reach out for help after initially giving into his alcoholism
    7. Food in my kitchen
    8. Beauty already coming from a tradegy thanks to God.
    9. Simply joys of lights and ornaments on a Christmas tree.
    10. Gas in my car

  2. I am thankful
    1. For a loving Savior
    2. For my amazing family
    3. For a productive day at work
    4. For a great run
    5. For friends
    6. For getting closer to Christmas
    7. For a great meeting
    8. For Volunteers that come in to help out
    9. For my funny kids
    10.For a God that listens when we pray
    11. For Christmas traditions

  3. I am thankful
    1. for good schoolteachers
    2. for great people to work with
    3. for central heating
    4. for my Mom
    5. that my kids get so excited about things like getting to wear a baseball cap to school

  4. I am thankful for...
    1. Friends that think of and encourage others
    2. Time with an awesome friend before her life changes a bit for the good
    3. Coffee and biscotti
    4. A husband who loves to wrap presents and does an incredible job
    5. Getting to share a small but meaningful gift with a friend
    6. The joy monkeys bring to my daughters face
    7. Hand-me-down clothes
    8. Naps of a 3 month old
    9. Christmas goodies made by friends that are so delicious!
    10. Not feeling inadequate that my schedule does not allow for me to make Christmas goodies for people this year
    11. My season of life
    12. Watching others love on my son
    13. A 3 month old that loves bath time
    14. Kisses goodnight
    15. God's love and protection

  5. I am thankful for
    1.Being haalthy.
    2.Going to the gtocery.
    3.Lunch with my daughter and two of my grandchildren.
    4.Making Catheral cookies for family dinner.
    5.Making and enjoying Cheesey Potato soup.
    6.The grandkids opening up their Christmas Eve presents
    7.The grandkids loving their PJs and ornaments even though
    it wasn't a toy.
    8.Them putting on their PJ's and running around the house.
    9.Early presents.
    10.Family dinner night that everyone was there.

  6. I am thankful
    1. for that God yanked me back from the edge once again.
    2. for people who say Merry Christmas,
    3. that my swollen gland isnt affecting my energy or spirits.
    4. that i get to babysit my 3 yr old niece all week
    5.that we have enough to have gifts under the tree
    6. for lunch with dear old friends
    7. for a husband who works two jobs so that I don't have to.
    8. for a church party that felt like family
    9. for my yummy breakfast smoothie that's filled with healthy stuff and still tastes good.
    10. for the willingness God gives me to exercise every morning.

  7. I am thankful for:
    1. the people who make an effort to keep my kids safe every day.
    2. getting the kitchen floor mopped.
    3. finding out an old friend is in town.
    4. getting a call that my hairdresser has a cancellation.
    5. tomorrow being the last day of school until 2013. I love having my kids home.
    6. my husband being able to fix our hot water heater. A hot shower is even more enjoyable when you weren't able to have one in the morning. Nothing says "rise and shine" like an ice cold shower.
    7. my husband helping with dinner.
    8. my husband who helps with everything.
    9. listening to a talk show in carpool line where the host isn't afraid to call it as he sees it...and does so tactfully, yet honestly. Having your toes stepped on is uncomfortable yet necessary at times. I'm thinking my feet should be smaller by now.
    10. getting to say Merry Christmas to my customers, hearing/seeing them smile as they Merry Christmas back at me.

  8. Thankful for:
    The ability to run and a healthy body
    The ability to possibly have to pay double what we paid last year for health insurance
    2 boys that are full of energy and life
    Christmas cookies
    A wife that is faithful to the Lord

  9. I am thankful for :
    1. Crockpots
    2. Getting some just my Daddy and me time today
    3. Shopping for clothes for my much smaller Hubby.
    4. Our gas log fire place
    5.my smiley face sweet girl
    6.getting use to my replacement earphones
    7. Morning walkie-talkie plans tomorrow and Friday
    8. Knowing my weight is up but not being devastated about it
    9. Chapstick
    10.Coconut oil

    Bonnie Lawrence

  10. 1. Wendy bear ( our dog)
    2. Lower gas prices
    3. Chapstick
    4. Eden Mae
    5. Getting my wedding ring back 1.5 sizes smaller


  11. AmandaL .
    I'm thankful for a friend called and talked for awhile.
    I'm thankful for a great text from a friend that encouraged me.
    I'm thankful for standing up for myself today.
    I'm thankful for listening to Megan singing in the car.
    I'm thankful for the glory of God.

  12. 1. free overnight shipping- zappos
    2. the drawing game !
    3. daughters
    4. bubble baths
    5. exercise
    6. hearing the cute voices playing upstairs
    7. awaiting my parents arrival
    8. the gift of Christmas
    9. the world's busyness stopping for one full day on Christmas!
    10. not being alone- ever!
    11. God's promises
    12. this moment
    13. the sun shining
    14. pajamas
    15. always having something available to eat
    16. texting
    17. the family car ride
    18. the faith to believe
    19. church in the AM
    20. church in the PM


  13. I am thankful ...
    1) to find a good gift for my husband
    2) for all the Christmas cards. Love looking at the pictures of our friends and their children:)
    3) for my quiet time in the morning
    4) worship songs
    5) Christmas songs

  14. I am thankful for:
    1. Carolyn Joy's life
    2. being a tourist in San Francisco
    3. riding the cable cars with our hoods up and scarves over our mouths - brrr
    3. peppermint hot choc at the Ferry Building watching the ferry docking in wild, chopping waves
    4. SF Union Square - and the 5 story Christmas tree in Neiman Marcus
    5. Wreaths in every window of Macys
    6. Tea Time at the Palace
    7. pictures with Santa
    8. the harpist playing Happy Birthday to Carolyn in the Grand Diing Room of the Palace
    9. a parking spot on the 7th floor
    10. some extravagant gingerbread houses
    11. nice public restrooms!