Sunday, December 16, 2012

Day 46

My new favorite Christmas song is Middle of a Miracle by Francesca Battistelli from her 2012 Christmas CD.  It tells the story of Mary, the mother of Jesus, from a perspective that had never crossed my mind.  See for yourself:

Pain ran through her body
Questions filled her head
All her fears were whispering
Will this manger be His bed
An unexpected ending to a trip so long and hard
As she looked around the stable in the dark

Mary couldn't hear the angels saying
Peace on earth, good will to men
or the Shepherds running breathless
Let us go to Bethlehem,
But there was a perfect plan in motion
As there is for each of us
Sometimes we can't see that we might be
In the middle of a miracle

This life we live's a journey and a Faithful Father leads
And the only guarantee's uncertainty
It takes patience
It takes faith
For we never know what God has on the way

Joseph didn't know about the wise men who'd soon be at his door
Or the Star that they were following that
Led them to their Lord
But there was a perfect plan in motion
As there is for each of us
Sometimes we can't see that we might be
In the middle of a miracle

There's a perfect plan in motion
We've just got to trust
There's a perfect plan in motion
For each of us
Sometimes we can't see that we might be
In the middle of a miracle (1)

Did you catch how Mary was dealing with the reality that her baby boy was being born in a barn with a feeding trough for His bed?  And how she couldn't see that God was announcing the birth of Baby Jesus with multitudes of angels to shepherds in the pasture?  Everything about Jesus' birth was completely unexpected... but while it was unexpected to Mary, it was all part of God's divine, perfect plan. 

Can you relate to Mary?  I know I can.  I've experienced how God's plans can go completely against my own plans.  I've been devastated over the circumstances that came my way.  I've struggled, wondered, wrestled, settled... and then, after 5 years, God showed me that I was in the middle of a miracle.  And the situation that was once so devastating to me was transformed into a blessing that He has used to for good.  God truly did immeasurably more with my circumstances than I could ever ask or imagine... and now I can honestly thank Him for the circumstance that I never thought I could. 

Maybe you're in the midst of circumstances that you can't possibly imagine good coming from.  Please don't lose hope.  I've experienced the miracle God can bring... just trust and ask God to open your eyes to the miracle.  And realize that the reveal may be down the road... it took 5 years for me.  Cling to God's promises, believe with all that you've got, choose thankfulness moment by moment, and watch God work out His plans for your life in ways that you never thought possible.  We are all in the middle of a miracle... I wonder what yours is?

Tonight, I'm thankful for...

1.  Having little elves help me make cookies last night
2.  Hearing Middle of a Miracle sung live at my church this morning... it was so beautiful!
3.  Receiving a surprise card and gift card - what a blessing!
4.  Watching my seven year old sing "God's Not Dead" by the Newsboys and play air guitar with passion
5.  Impromptu lunch with friends from church arranged by my two boys
6.  Getting to rest this afternoon
7.  Father/son building project
8.  Starting to address Christmas cards with help from my seven year old
9.  Upcoming movie night with my hubby tonight to watch our first Christmas movie of the season
10.  My hubby

Here's to 10,000 reasons... Only 5,068 to go...

(1) Middle of a Miracle by Francesca Battistelli/Ian Eskelin/Tony Wood;  2012 Word Music, LLC, Francesca Music (ASCAP) (All rights on behalf of itself and Francesca Music adm. by Word Music, LLC)


  1. I'm thankful for....

    1. Dome top turkey roasters
    2. Road trips
    3. Family Christmas gatherings
    4. new found love of running
    5. Guilt free pumpkin pie
    6. Cool whip


  2. AmandaL .
    I'm thankful for Richards sermon today.
    I'm thankful for Sydney.Sharon.Heather .bon Rosie .Joni..
    I'm thankful for losing some weight.
    I'm thankful for buddys prayer.
    I'm thankful for e.

  3. I am thankful for:
    1. Getting to hear Alicia sing today :-)
    2. Answered prayers for comfort
    3. The Holy Spirit
    4. A tear free Christmas gathering with the my family.
    5. The half dozen times today my Dad told me how proud he is of me.
    6. Encouraging words from friends on FB.
    7. The reminder today from Pastor Richard that the best is yet to come, keep your fork :-)
    Laughter thru tears is divine.
    8. The feeling I get from choosing thankfulness.
    9. My Grandmother - the most beautiful person inside and out that I've ever known.
    10. All the things she taught me by example.
    11. Humble people
    12. Passionate people
    13. Knowing there is a place for me in heaven, but work for me here yet to be done.
    14. The miracle of Christmas
    15. Hope
    16. The game Balderdash
    17. Winning this years game- HOOT

    Bonnie Lawrence

  4. I am thankful for...
    1. Having a church family that is so incredible
    2. Feeling loved
    3. How God works in mysterious ways
    4. Baby boys and the little men they can often look like
    5. Knowing in not in this journey of motherhood alone
    6. Time with my husband
    7. Napping children
    8. God's mercy
    9. A much needed catnap
    10. God's peace
    11. My Bible
    12. Kind smiles
    13. Warm hugs
    14. The smell of Christmas
    15. Finally getting my Christmas calendars finished and ordered!!!!

  5. 1. Having been welcomed with open arms into Adventure
    2. Late night phone calls with a long distance best friend
    3. The power of prayer
    4. The people God has placed in my life to help me through this rough time
    5. My counselor
    6. A hot shower at the end of a long day
    7. The simplicity of a smile and hug from an innocent child
    8. Friends new and old
    9. The smell of hot coffee in the morning
    10. Todd and the rest of the music worship team

  6. I am thankful for
    1.Leftover apple cinnamon muffins.
    2.My church.
    3.the kids in Sunday School singing Christmas Carols as they
    were doing the Carol game.
    4.How much the kids enjoyed the brownies I made them.
    5.An afternoon nap.
    6.Finishing my Christmas book.
    7.Of course my Sunday night popcorn and ice cream with my
    8. Watching my husband favorite Christmas movie with him.
    9.A nice peaceful and restful day.

  7. I am thankful for:
    1. finally getting a chance to sit down and be thankful.
    2. my friend and neighbor who watched my kids so my husband & I could attend a Christmas party.
    3. that same friend & neighbor surprising me by baking the 5 dozen cookies I needed for a cookie exchange the next day.
    4. the owners at my husband's p/t job. They are so generous to their employees.
    5. getting my cakes done and delivered.
    6. making it to church when I wanted to sleep in.
    7. going to a new Bible study class even though my husband wasn't able to go.
    8. enjoying fun/food/fellowship @ the above mentioned cookie exchange.
    9. seeing my kids playing with their friends.
    10. impromptu dinnner with friends.
    11. my husband who is willing to help out another coworker by working a double at the firehouse.
    12. each day I have with my children.
    13. my Mom getting moved to a new nursing home.
    14. getting my Dad's Christmas shopping done so he doesn't have to do it.
    15. the low-key day planned for tomorrow so I can get my gift wrapping finished.
    16. the bright sun after the torrential downpour.

  8. Thankful for...
    1. A break in sickness to give my sis and brother-in-law a much needed good time before a hard week
    2. My mom's health
    3. My dad's health
    4. My inlaws' health
    5. Hugs from my kids
    6. Laughter with family
    7. A week with no "to-do" list
    8. Spending time with friends we hardly see
    9. A surprize text from a college friend
    10. Safe driving on a rainy day
    11. A pet who is easy to take care of
    12. My doctor
    13. Being able to stay home because of my husband's job
    14. What a likeable person my husband is
    15. My sisters
    Meredith B.

  9. AmandaL .
    I'm thankful for giving a gift today.
    I'm thankful for getting a huge smile from the gift.
    I'm thankful for SOAR Christmas party tonight.
    I'm thankful for Leslie Thomas.
    I'm thankful for Christmas errands today.

  10. thankful for:
    1. Heather
    2. Christmas
    3. work
    4. something to look forward to
    5. someone to love

  11. 1. Safe bus drivers who take my kids to school
    2. Mail carriers
    3. Dinner from a friend
    4. Coffee with a friend
    5. The program of Alcoholics Anonymous
    6. People who hold me accountable
    7. Ability to teach
    8. Courage
    9. A stranger let me borrow his pen
    10. A client was ok after being injured on my watch


  12. I am thankful ...
    1) for each of your lists above that remind me of so much to be thankful for:)
    2) that God has a perfect plan in motion and I just need to trust (thanks for your message today Heather)
    3) for my mom's great health!
    4) for the opportunity to plan a short family getaway for the holidays
    5) a great book to read this week.

  13. Thankful for:
    Thoughtful people
    Two arms of my wife around me

  14. 1. Baby snuggles
    2. Deep conversations with my man
    3. the smell and sound of rain
    4. half priced books
    5. barbecues