Sunday, December 23, 2012

Day 53

How are you with expectations? I'm an expectation kinda gal. For example, my hubby and I took a parenting class before my first son was born and they explained that if you followed the plan, your child should sleep through the night at three months. Well, being the rule follower that I am, I did what the plan said. And when he didn't sleep through the night, I was devastated. Can any of you relate to being devastated when your expectations weren't met?

My pastor, Buddy Howard, gave a powerful sermon on how the birth of Jesus was unexpected in many ways. For example, the fact that Jesus, the King, was born in a stable in Bethlehem was unexpected. The fact that Jesus' birth was announced to shepherds, who were outcasts in society was unexpected. And the thing that really struck me was the unexpected response of the shepherds after meeting Baby Jesus. They went around town telling everyone what they had witnessed (Luke 2:17, 20).

When we had our children, we spread the word to our friends and family, but we didn't go around to everyone at the hospital announcing their birth. And when we brought them home, we didn't go door to door to let our neighbors in on the good news. The shepherds saw that Jesus was special...that they needed to tell the world that Emmanuel had arrived. And quite honestly, shouldn't we be the same way? Shouldn't we be sharing the good news of Jesus with abandon like the shepherds? I know I'm not there yet, but what a great example they are to us. We need to " Go tell it on the mountain that Jesus Christ is born." Let's make sure to keep Jesus' birth as our main focus as we celebrate His birthday and take time to give thanks to God for the most amazing gift we could ever receive.

Tonight, I am thankful for...

1. Not getting more than a bruise when I slipped on ice this morning
2. A sermon that was so encouraging to me
3. Unexpected treasures in friendships that I have
4. Safe travels
5. Something I expected to happen today didn't, and I was able to prepare to handle it, just in case, through prayer and my hubby's compassion and grace
6. Gifts given that were appreciated
7. Hot chocolate that I love and the effort put into getting the gift for me
8. Watching my boys open presents that delighted them
9. My sons getting to play with their uncle
10. Boys laughing
11. Watching a Christmas movie with extended family and laughing together
12. A beautiful sunset
13. Receiving an unexpected gift today... A beautiful handmade Christmas tree
14. Diet Dr. Pepper
15. Sunshine
16. Jesus... His birth, His life, His death, and His resurrection

Here's to 10,000 reasons... Only 4,176 to go...


  1. 1. my wife
    2. my children
    3. my in-laws
    4. my dogs
    5. your faith


  2. 1. dad
    2. mom
    3. adelaide
    4. house
    5. elle
    6. Christmas
    7. Grammy's grits
    8. Christmas tree
    9. Christmas card tree
    10. activities
    11. health
    12. my swimming
    13. my scarf
    14. cooking with gram
    15. my room


  3. 1. my children
    2. my grandchildren
    3. my husband
    4. our family's health
    5. my cats
    6. my church
    7. my friends
    8. my home
    9. for life's lessons passed down from generations
    10. memories of Christmas' past
    11. nature- animals, trees
    12. our country
    13. our freedoms
    14. for music
    15. for all the colors
    16. for our food
    17. for gardens
    18. for all pets
    19. for wildlife
    20. for flowers


  4. 1. cookie
    2. gram
    3. earth
    4. mom
    5. my wooden pie
    6. my wooden apples
    7. my wooden knife
    8. my wooden spatula
    9. GOD
    10. JESUS


  5. 1. GOD
    2. JESUS
    3. grandparents
    4. family
    5. holidays
    6. pets
    7. wildlife
    8 . my health - that i haven't gotten sick like the rest of family
    9. anna
    10. school
    11. my teachers
    12. birthdays
    13. church
    14. Stu
    15. pastor buddy
    16. richard
    17. my house
    18. my best friends
    19. the Christmas tree
    20. stuffed animals


  6. 1. pure barre
    2. whitney this AM
    3. traditions
    4. being in the kitchen with my whole family- my girls and parents
    5. that it might snow
    6. for lulu hosting tonight
    7. friends
    8. washing machines
    9. this family photo from the beach
    10. the basement


  7. 1. my wife
    2. my children
    3. the spouses of my children
    4. my grandchildren
    5. my church
    6. GOD
    7. JESUS
    8. our pets
    9. the challenge house and all the volunteers there
    10. all the people who live there at the challenge house


    1. yikes.......that wasn't from e it was from my dad, hill

  8. I am thankful for:
    1. being able to pray for a tough situation.
    2. God's sovereignty.
    3. reading with the kids before bed.
    4. my kids' giggles over the story we are reading.
    5. continuing the book from last night with whole family.
    6. teaching my children the power of prayer.
    7. seeing the compassion my children have for others.
    8. getting the rest of my Christmas candy made.
    9. Christmas Eve service.
    10. time spent in the kitchen with the kids.
    11. new inexpensive ink pen that writes nice.
    12. generosity of friends.

  9. I am thankful for
    1.Going to church.
    2.The Christmas Service at church.
    3.A Sunday off from teaching.
    4.Going to Mimis for brealfast with my husband after church.
    5.The delicious french toast.
    6.Taking a well needed nap.
    7.Making out my menues and grocery list.
    8.Going to the grocery.
    9.Watching Christmas movies with my husband.
    10.Eating popcorn,cookies, and candy for dinner.
    12.Getting things done so I won't have to do them tomorrow.

  10. I'm thankful for:
    1. An amazing Christmas eve eve service last night.
    2. A new friend asking me to baptize her!
    3. Sara Beth's first day back at swim practice & her enthusiasm.
    4. My church family who are truly family to me.
    5. Hear God speak to me thru my husband.
    6. Jesus!!!
    7. Watching papaw and Sara beth play Crazy 8.
    8. Hearing Rachel read "It's a wonderful life" trivia cards to Bud and his sister.
    9. Being finished (just now) with the wrapping.
    10. God's supernatural power helping me resist the 50 desserts that Mimi brought into this house.
    11. Seeing old friends last night at the Christmas eve eve service.
    12. My old SUV with almost 200,000 miles that I'm truly thankful for every single time I drive it!! I pray it never ever dies!!

  11. I am thankful for...
    1. Safe travels for family
    2. My mom feeling better
    3. A completely clean house ready for visitors
    4. Yummy food ready to be eaten
    5. 50 minutes of 2 kiddos napping at the same time
    6. Time with my husband
    7. Pizza!!!
    8. Seeing my kiddos love on family that they don't see very often without hesitation
    9. Friendships that keep me grounded in God and reality
    10. Love
    11. The unexpected
    12. God's plan, even when I don't know what that is
    13. God's grace and goodness
    14. Being able to worship freely
    15. A daughter taking about the baby Jesus and St Nicholas

  12. I am thankful ...
    1) to attend Christmas Eve service with my family Sunday morning.
    2) for my son helping me clean windows and cut up the fruit before company came over
    3) for my daughter helping me fix up the house before company arrived
    4) for my husband helping me clean the house - he's awesome at this!
    5) to have some dear friends from college over for dinner (it takes a village:)

  13. I am thankful for:

    1. time with family
    2. a wonderful service at my brother-in-law's church
    3. a lunch with time to visit
    4. my guys and their excitement about going to Fry's
    5. safety while driving on the freeway during a torrential downpour