Monday, December 24, 2012

Day 54

I love listening to Christmas music.  We play it all the time starting after Thanksgiving... at home, in the car... and I especially love to hear my seven year old rock out to the music.  He has quite a voice and hearing him sing warms my heart.  You should here him jam to Marshmallow World - it's super cute!

God has really opened my heart to hear Christmas songs in a new way this year.  Jesus' birth and what it means beyond His actual birthday is so real to me.  I'm in awe at what God did for us... the unexpected nature of the birth... how humble the circumstances were... how the birth was introduced to shepherds by an angel choir and to Magi by a star.  The birth of our Savior was unique and memorable.  I'm so glad that we get to celebrate His birthday.

I heard a new song this year called Bethlehem Skies by Dara McLean that reminded me of God's love yet again.  Here are the lyrics:

Bethlehem Skies by Dara McLean and Jason Barnes
Dry your eyes the King has come
Death has lost and victory won
You were born to change it all
A warrior though frail and small

Just a baby
sleeping in a manger
All the world was waiting for You to come

Holy, Holy, Silent night
Peace has come to all mankind
All of this with me in mind
Under Bethlehem skies

Oh the role you came to play
Born to give your life away
Soon you'll set the captives free
But tonight's about your welcoming

Oh listen
Hear the angels singing
Glory in the highest, the Lord has come

Holy, Holy
Hear the angels sing
Come now our King

The line "Holy, Holy, Silent night; Peace has come to all mankind; All of this with me in mind" stirs my soul.  Even though Jesus was born 2,000 years ago, He had me - Heather Snider - on His mind in 2012.  This perfect gift was for me.  And this perfect gift was for you.  Imagine the best gift ever, wrapped in swaddling cloths and placed in a manger... and your name was on the gift tag because Jesus came just for you.  He came unconditionally... no matter what we have done - good or bad - He came just for me and just for you. 

Christmas day is our opportunity to pause and welcome Him... the Savior of the world coming as an innocent, helpless baby.  Incredible!  Let your heart be filled with thankfulness as we celebrate the one birth that forever changed the world.  And humbly acknowledge that He came just for you... you were on His mind that first Christmas night.  Let our praises ring! 

Tonight, I am thankful for...

1.  Breakfast made for me this morning
2.  Making gingerbread trains with the boys and their Oma
3.  Watching my three year old lick the candy before putting it on the train - priceless!
4.  Seeing Christmas train display - one of our traditions
5.  Safe travels home
6.  Leftover buffet for dinner
7.  Making muffins tonight so I don't have to do it in the morning
8.  All the thankfulness lists that poured in today
9.  Family time tonight
10.  Reading Christmas books before bed
11.  God hearing our prayers and answering them
12.  The humble nature of Jesus' birth
13.  Jesus coming to earth with me in mind
14.  Getting cookies and milk ready for Santa
15.  Wrapping paper, tape and scissors ready for a wrap-a-thon tonight
16.  Fire crackling in the fireplace
17.  Resisting the temptation to get super frustrated over the milk I spilled while making muffins... thankfulness is making a difference I think
18.  The blessing of my senses that makes like so enjoyable
19.  Fun and relaxing Christmas visit with the in-laws

Here's to 10,000 reasons... Only 4,021 to go...


  1. I am thankful for...
    1. Books read by grandparents with such enthusiasm
    2. Yummy breakfast casserole
    3. Delicious appetizer buffet for dinner
    4. A conversation about my God with those who do not believe in God
    5. How God wants to use my family
    6. Encouragement from a friend
    7. Prayers offered to God on my behalf
    8. A God who knows everything I'm thinking and feeling
    9. A God who sent his son to be born in a stable for ME
    10. Jesus who died so that I may live
    11. Blessings that I do not deserve
    12. My Savior
    13. Experiencing Christmas in a different way and being brought to tears by this frequently
    14. Knowing that the only gift I need tomorrow is Jesus
    15. God's amazing and unfailing love

  2. I am thankful for
    1,Christmas Eve the day before Christ was borned.
    2.Lemon berry fruit tart for breakfast.
    3.My allergy shots.
    4.Cold medicine that works.
    5.Getting my beans made for Christmas.
    6.Getting my Turtle Cheesecake made for Christmas.
    7.Cleaning my living Room.
    8.Dusting the upstairs.
    7.Cooking dinner that wasn't very good and saying we are going out on Christmas Eve from now on.
    8.Eating Christmas junk for a snack.
    9.Not having to wrap anything on Christmas Eve.
    10.Sitting down and enjoying all the Christmas things.
    11.Going to bed.

  3. I am thankful for:
    1. Family
    2. How blessed we are.
    3. All the things we are given, that others aren't able to receive.
    4. My church.
    5. My youth group.
    6. Rachel
    7. Mommy and daddy
    8. Our house.
    9. my wonderful grandparents and aunts
    10. My smart, joyful baby cousin.

    From Sara Beth

  4. I am thankful for:
    1. Jesus, who is the reason for this season, and the reason I have hope all year!
    2. My friend Melissa, and her desire to be more and more Godly each day, in every circumstance.
    3. My entire family together this morning!
    4. My daughters' love and unselfishness.
    5. A warm fire by the Christmas tree!

  5. 1. For my fantastic husband
    2. For my extended family
    3. For being able to confess things to God knowing He already knows and still wants a relationship with me
    4. That God knows and remembers that I came from dust
    5. For Jesus!


  6. Amandal.
    I'm thankful for Christmas.
    I'm thankful for Jesus.
    I'm thankful for the happiness on my children faces.
    I'm thankful for eating the cupcakes lastnight .
    I'm thankful for playing games with my children.

  7. I am thankful for:
    1. Christmas Eve party at Julie's house
    2. walking around Stanford's beautiful campus
    3. dinner at a fabulous Japanese restaurant
    4. the stocking stuffer bags I made and how cute they turned out
    5. the safe arrival of Florida family

  8. I am thankful ...
    1) for a wonderful Christmas eve service with my family
    2) to spend time with my husband's family on Christmas Eve
    3) for a cozy, warm fire to sit in front of while wrapping Christmas gifts with my husband.
    4) for mother/daughter time talking, drinking hot tea and watching a movie
    5) our warm home