Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Day 55

Merry Christmas!  We have a birthday tradition at the Snider house.  My boys get to have doughnuts or muffins for breakfast on their birthday, complete with a candle to blow out because often we don't have their party until the weekend.  It's a simple way for us to make the birthday morning special.  And since today is Jesus' birthday, we celebrate for Him too.  So, last night, I was making muffins for our Happy Birthday Jesus breakfast.  My three year old came into the kitchen and wanted to help.  When I told him that the muffins were for Jesus' birthday, he quickly replied "No, they're not."  And I said, "Yes, they are."  He was a bit confused.  He asked if we were going to heaven to celebrate Jesus' birthday.  Wow - what a question!  And while Jesus wasn't physically here this morning as we sang Happy Birthday and each boy blew out a candle in His honor, He did come to earth 2,000 years ago.  He left heaven for earth.  The song, Leaving Heaven by Matthew West, describes some of what Jesus gave up for us.

Leaving Heaven by Matthew West

Well, it’s been real nice living way up here
In paradise, over the atmosphere
But I can’t stay long, gotta make my way
I’m leaving Heaven today

You see the world is dark and it needs a light
I’m gonna hang a star in the eastern sky
So everybody’s gonna know where I touch down
I’m leaving Heaven right now

I’m gonna walk around that broken Earth
Trading in these streets of gold
So if you ever wonder how much you’re worth
You should know
That you’re the reason why I’m leaving Heaven

Ain’t gonna be no kingdom, ain’t gonna be no crown
Just a little old manger, in a little old town
But it’ll do just fine for this humble King
I’m leaving Heaven let all the angels sing

I’m gonna walk around that broken Earth
Trading in these streets of gold
So if you ever wonder how much you’re worth
You should know
You’re the reason why I’m leaving Heaven

And when my time comes to an end
I’ll lay down my life like a truest friend
And when I get back home, I’m gonna make some room
So, don’t you worry, ‘cause I’m coming back for you

And you will say goodbye to that broken Earth
You’re gonna walk on streets of gold
And if you ever wonder what my love is worth
Well you should know
That I’m the reason you’ll be seeing Heaven
Oh, you’re the reason why I’m leaving Heaven
I’m leaving Heaven

Perfect Paradise for pollution of sin... Kingdom for a manger... that's what Jesus left... all because of His great love for us.  It amazes me.  I can't imagine it.  I am so thankful for it.  And Jesus didn't just come once.  He's coming back to take us home if we've invited Him into our hearts as Lord and Savior.  This year, Christmas has resonated with hope for me... the hope that comes with Jesus' birth.  His entrance into the world was humble... His death was well publicized... and His return will be jaw-dropping.  And all of this began on Christmas morning. 

Thank you, Jesus!  You gave up everything for each one of us.  Your love for us trumped Heaven's paradise.  Your love for us required sacrifice and pain.  Yet You willingly embraced it all because You couldn't bear to spend eternity without us.  Thank You for preparing a place for us.  Thank You for Your example while You were here on earth.  Thank You for teaching us the truth.  Thank You for keeping Your promises.  Thank You for a love that is unconditional.  Thank You, Jesus, for Your birthday that opened the door for hope and eternity with You in Heaven.  In Your Name - Amen!

In addition to celebrating Jesus' birthday today, we are also celebrating milestone 6,000.  Yep, over the course of 55 days, we have over 6,000 reasons for giving thanks.  God is showering us with blessings and I love how we can let Him know how much we appreciate Him through our thanksgiving.  Thank you for your daily lists.  I'm so thankful for each one of you!!  And here's our new ornament:

Tonight, I am thankful for...

1.  The delight of Christmas morning
2.  My three year old jumping on the bed and singing Jingle Bells
3.  Starting the morning off around the Nativity to remember why we were celebrating
4.  The most thoughtful and meaningful gift from my hubby and the boys
5.  Being humbled and in awe of God's great love for me
6.  Happy Birthday Jesus breakfast
7.  Celebrating with extended family
8.  Appetizers for dinner - fun and yummy!
9.  Funny gifts
10.  A snowman kit ready for use... if it snows tomorrow
11.  My hubby's amazing ability to create a duck tape wallet
12.  The delight of the person receiving the duck tape wallet
13.  Hope that comes with the true meaning of Christmas
14.  Most places are closed in honor of Jesus
15.  So many new, meaningful Christmas songs this year that God used to teach me
16.  Reading Mo Williams books to my sons - what fun!
17.  My son's generosity
18.  Peace that can only come from God
19.  James 1:5

Here's to 10,000 reasons... Only 3,914 to go...


  1. I am thankful for
    1.Jesus Bithday and the true meaning of Christmas
    2.Sleeping in.
    3.Having a non stressful meal.
    4.Being able to sit down and rest before everyone comes.
    5.Ham instead of turkey.
    6.Pineapple dressing.
    7.Being with family.
    8.Having the family I have.
    9.Seeing the faces of family opening up ptrsents.
    10.Funny gifts.
    11.Duck Dynasty for two family members that they loved.
    12.Only one gift going back because they received two.
    13.Lots of gift cards for date nights with my husband.
    14.Watching Polar Express with family.
    15.Watching a sad Christmas movie and happy we are all healthy.
    16.Having the true meaning of Christmas for the kids and one of them didn"t even know who Mary was.(I hope she does now.)

  2. 1. Elf on the Shelf
    2. Making it safe to work today
    3. New Shoes
    4. New Year's Resolutions
    5. Kleenex
    6. NBA on Christmas
    7. Toboggans
    8. Spell Check for the word Toboggans
    9. The Internet
    10.Chuck E Cheese

  3. I am thankful for....
    1. The ability to give gifts to those I love
    2. Watching a 2 year old excitedly play with her new vacuum and polar bear
    3. Being able to share the true meaning of Christmas with those who don't believe in God
    4. A yummy roast for dinner that took 10 minutes to prepare
    5. Technology that warns of winter weather
    6. Making a decision about travel to best protect my family even if it wasn't the decision I wanted to make
    7. A movie with my hubby
    8. God's ability to speak to me
    9. Open ears and heart I hear my God
    10. A mom who loves so deeply and unconditionally
    11. A husband who loves and protects my mom like his own
    12. God's grace
    13. The power of prayer
    14. Encouragement from friends
    15. Perseverance that can only come from God

  4. AmandaL.
    I'M THANKFUL for seeing it snow today.
    I'm thankful for the gods grace.
    I'm thankful for Wal-Mart.
    I'm thankful for pizza for lunch
    I'm thankful for friendships that I have made.

  5. I am thankful for:
    1. the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
    2. for my dad, who was a Christmas baby
    3. gifts and laughter
    4. a long table full of people for Christmas dinner
    5. everyone working together

  6. I am thankful ...
    1) for being able to sleep in after a late night up watching a chick flick with my daughter.
    2) that our children were very appreciative of the few gifts we gave them.
    3) for the thoughtful gifts the kids and my husband gave me.
    4) to spend the day hanging out with my family and watching "It's a Wonderful Life"
    5) to hear my 19 year old daughter say she likes hanging out with me (maybe my teenage son will feel that way in a few years :)