Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day 4

Thank you so much for joining me in The Thankfulness Experiment.  It's been to so fun to read what you are thankful for each day.  Since this blog started, I find myself on the lookout for what I'm going to share each day.  Thankfulness is definitely on my brain.  What about you?  Are you more in tune with what you're thankful for?

My hubby and I made it back home safely and it was so fun to see our boys after a few days away.  There's nothing like seeing the smiles on their faces and knowing that they were so loved and well taken care of while we were gone.  Here's what I'm thankful for today...

1.  A sunny Sunday drive home with my hubby.
2.  Seeing my boys after a weekend away.
3. My mom washing all my boy's clothes so I didn't have extra laundry to do!  What a huge blessing! :)
4.  Watching the boys play with their new air rocket launchers... especially my three year old figuring out so many different, creative ways to lauch the rocket.
5.  Impromtu pizza dinner with my neighbor and her kids

And a bonus thankful thought for today...

6.  For each of you sharing your thankful thoughts with me daily - whether you're family, or a friend, or someone I've never even met, I'm so grateful to partner in this experiment with you. 

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Here's to 10,000 reasons... only 9,501 more to go...


  1. 1. I am thankful for a sunny fall day.

    2. I am thankful for ending the night sharing root beer floats and football wih my husband.

    3. I am thankful that my mom helped me organize some of my "mess."

    4. I am thankful that my parents made it safely back to Ohio.

    5. I am thankful for a warm bed.

  2. I am thankful for:
    A nice Sunday visit with my parents,
    An insightful bible study,
    For the extra hour of sleep,
    My husband having a safe day at work during his busiest week of the year, and
    For a quiet, restful but busy Sunday.

  3. I am thankful for God's sovereignty.
    I am thankful for the blessings that I take for granted way too often ~ the ones that are afforded me just because I was born in the United States.
    I am thankful for the priviledge of voting.
    I am thankful for music.
    I am thankful when my kitty cat curls up on my lap and does a cooing purr.

  4. I am thankful for:
    1. the love of Christ, which surpasses all knowledge and understanding
    2. my husband, who graciously drove me around all weekend
    3. the comfort I receive in knowing that the Lord loves my children and cares for them
    4. the joy of praying for others
    5. learning about cultural and central revelation

  5. I am thankful for:
    1. a slow start to the morning.
    2. how my kids organized dinner last night...with the neighbor children.
    3. great teacher conferences.
    4. a healthy well-check for my son.
    5. an invitation from my husband for us to meet him for dinner.

  6. Ashley A.

    1. I am thankful for having a job where I can work with kids who make my day!
    2. I am thankful for fleece sheets on this cold night.
    3. I am in advance thankful for God's ability to make me the bigger person when the outcome of the election is revealed. (I'm the odd one out at work in political opinions!)
    4. I am thankful that the election will be over tomorrow!
    5. I am thankful for the invention of the telephone because I would be sick if I couldn't talk to my husband everyday!

  7. 1. For the macular reflexes of a teenager (the eye doctor's words, not mine). At this point in my journey, it's great to have any parts that work like a teenagers! Seriously, thankful for healthy vision.
    2. For getting to eat lunch out.
    3. For the times I hear God's voice challenging my small, human thinking.
    4. For the times I watch a sunset and am awed with the beauty and genius of God's work.
    5. For my friend, who despite tragedy after tragedy, shows me true strength and how to love on others.

  8. 1. Precious memories
    2. A still intact sense of humor.
    3. The 4 pair of pants I own that fit me.
    4. My snoring Wendybear at my feet ( our dog).
    5. fleece winter pj's
    6. My small group
    7. My church family
    8. Answered prayers
    9. Bananas
    10. The strength to forgive.
    11. The courage to rebuild my heart one sliver at a time.
    12. A powerful worship experience with GOD.
    13. The sound of my husbands laughter.
    14. That the my semester is almost over.
    15. My renewed faith in the ability to teach an old dog some new tricks.
    I'm all caught up now :-)
    I truly could type and type and never list them all !!!

  9. I am thankful for:
    1) having dinner with my friend Aimee
    2) the Lord's unconditional love
    3) my college daughter asked for my help on her research paper:)
    4) the walk in the morning with my neighbor
    5) my warm house

  10. I am thankful for:
    1. my daughter, who can drive herself to school
    2. my daughter and I getting started on a major project last night, and having fun doing it
    3. my son's leadership which earned him a nice recommendation
    4. Ephesians chapter 3
    5. growing up in a 3rd world country, in order to appreciate my freedoms here - one of them being the freedom to vote today

  11. Rosie T. is thankful for...
    Day four - Today I am thankful for being able to worship at church,
    for the wonderful staff at Adventure Christian Church,
    for the YUMMY Thanksgiving Potluck we had at church,
    that a friend sat with me at church and
    that I have an opportunity to serve at church.

  12. Thankful for
    45% off pizza when the Cards win
    Boy Scouts
    Pocket knives
    My wife never having to cut the grass

  13. 1. I am thankful for my brother making me laugh when I am about to cry
    2. I am thankful for London fogs
    3. I am thankful for my bible class
    4. I am thankful for my friends encouraging me
    5. I am thankful for oreos

    1. Hi Makaera! Welcome to The Thankfulness Experiment... I'm so glad you're joining us on this 66 day journey to thankfulness. :)

  14. Nancy is thankful for:
    1.I am thankful I was not involved in any accidents this morning. On my morning commute, I saw 3 separate multi car accidents on the way to work. I am thankful no one was seriously injured.

    2.I am thankful I spoke to my niece Grace today. She told me about this weekend’s ride in a pink limo to celebrate her friend’s birthday, her recent field trip to St. Simons, and her choice for science project.

    3.I am thankful for hearing from my friend Barry.

    4.I am thankful for all of the wonderful compliments I have received regarding my holiday photos.

    5.I am thankful for the meals I ate today. Many people are not as fortunate.

  15. 1. I am thankful that my children have clothes
    2. I am thankful that my children have both parents
    3. I am thankful that my children look forward to Sundays
    4. I am thankful for the care providers on Sunday
    5. I am thankful for my children's hugs and kisses

  16. 1. The children's ministry at church
    2. Toby Bates
    3. The thoughtfulness of a friend
    4. Warm food
    5. Summer nights :)