Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day 3

My hubby and I are having a great time on our weekend getaway. Once again, today is short and sweet. I'm thankful for:

1. Watching the Duck Dynasty marathon last night with my hubby and laughing out loud together.
2. Sleeping in with no alarm waking me up.
3. Shopping at The Container Store with my hubby... And planning some organization strategies. I think he might be more thankful for this... The organization strategies, not the shopping. :)
4. Free anniversary dessert that had fresh strawberries.
5. My hubby is not only participating in The Thankfulness Experiment, but he is also marketing it through Twitter.

I'm feeling very blessed today. Here's to 10,000 reasons...


  1. I am thankful that God speaks to us through His Word.
    I am thankful for a good cup of coffee.
    I am thankful for the rain that helps me to appreciate the sunshine.
    I am thankful for poetry.
    I am thankful for the beauty of flowers and that I can pass on my appreciation of them to my grandson who smiles the biggest smile when he's holding one.

  2. I am thankful for...
    Success with a new recipe,
    Getting today's chores done,
    My daughter's contagious laugh, and
    A healthy, active and inquisitive daughter.
    Catherine A.

  3. 1. I am thankful for fun times and laughs with such wonderful friends!

    2. I am thankful for FOOTBALL!!!! There is no better season!

    3. I am thankful for such incredibly godly parents who love me, my husband and kiddos so much.

    4. I am thankful for delicious soup and hot apple cider on a beautifully rainy fall day.

    5. I am thankful the beauty of fall - the reds, oranges and yellows that captivate me every year.

  4. 1. Thankful for a Saturday with NOTHING that HAD to be done.
    2. Thankful my husband arrived home safely.
    3. Thankful for the sweet snuggles from my girl.
    4. Thankful for watching the squirrels play (better than monkeys!).
    5. Thankful for just one more day with a house full of those I love.

  5. 1.I am thankful for Georgia gas at $3.09/gallon!

    2.I am thankful for arriving home safely.

    3.I am thankful my 4 legged girls were happy to see me. Bella even smiled!

    4.I am thankful for the wonderful packages from Christina Block Photography. It’s true, great things come in small packages.

    5.I am thankful my veil arrived and it looks beautiful!


  6. Ashley A.

    1. I am thankful for an extra hour today.
    2. I am thankful for the energy I had to do my housework I've put off.
    3. I am thankful for a great land lord who stays out of our business but is there when we need them.
    4. I am thankful my Husband is safe and helping the hurricane victims.
    5. I am thankful for a hot shower and hot cup of apple cider I'm about to enjoy!

    Great picture Heather! :)

  7. I am thankful for:
    Great weekend with the wife
    Great friends
    Great job
    Great health
    Great church

  8. Verona W. is thankful for...
    1) Salvation
    2) My husband
    3) My dog Smokey
    4) My church and church family
    5) My health
    6) My job
    7) The Fall weather (yes I do like cold weather!)
    8) Upcoming vacation
    9) Being able to laugh at the "crazy" stuff!
    10) The smell of fireplaces burning at night
    11) Holidays coming up
    12) New friends
    13) A safe car to drive
    14) Enough financial blessings that we can help others
    15) A warm pair of boots (OK that's a bit hokey but they come in handy in this weather!)
    16) Being a new great aunt!
    17) Wonderful neighbors
    18) God showing me my ministry with my work with the elderly and helping them simply smile!
    19) Food on my table
    20) Roof over my head

  9. 1. I am so very thankful that my grandma and uncle are both safe and okay as her house was destroyed in a fire yesterday.
    1. I am thankful for a day without rain.
    3. I am thankful that Bree & Ava had so much fun trick or treating with their tonight.
    4. I am thankful to all of the friends who lent me their ears with all of the things that have happened this week.
    5. I am thankful for a new cinnamon roll recipe that Ava can actually eat.

  10. Rosie T. is thankful for...

    Day three- today I am thankful for my mom who came over and spent the whole day with me helping to get my house in order, for Jen Stallard who has become a close and supportive friend,
    for the opportunity to share my testimony to a group of single mom's,
    for Jeffersontown Area Ministries and the services they provide to our community and
    a fun movie night with mom!

  11. I am thankful for my bible class, because it is teaching me how to better glorify God
    I am thankful for being half way through the week
    I am thankful for my niece
    I am thankful for my friends coming up to visit this weekend
    I am thankful for my singleness

  12. 1. I am thankful for all of Toby's therapist
    2. I am thankful for my daughter EV who just makes me smile and not take things too serious
    3. I am thankful for Christ love because in his love he has taught me how to love
    4. I am thankful for the research being done on Angelman Syndrome
    5. I am thankful God has choose me for this journey I get to take being an Angelman mom and family

  13. Day 3
    1. Cute babies at church to snuggle and play with
    2. Forgiveness
    3. A new job that embraces ME!
    4. Electric trimmer that made trimming the bushes so much easier
    5. Technology that makes for easier communication