Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Day 6

Today I'm feeling particularly thankful and blessed.  To be honest, yesterday was a rough day for me and God reminded me that I'm called to TRUST and BE THANKFUL, even when I'm having a hard time.  And He used a dear friend to show this to me as she daily trusts God and gives thanks in her circumstances.  It's amazing how when you do choose to pray and trust God, peace follows just like Philippians 4:6-7 says "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."  Did you notice that these verses tell us when we are anxious, we should pray about it with thanksgiving?  There is something to this thankfulness stuff... I'm learning more and more about the power of thanksgiving through this experiment.  I hope you are too.

So today, I'm sharing not 5, but 10 reasons that I'm thankful.  And some of you may think I'm crazy for a few of these, but that's OK.  :)  Here's my list for today...

1.  Having a play date with my friend and getting a FaceBook 101 lesson while she was here.  I'm so grateful because now the whole world can't see my posts! 
2.  Honeycrisp apples
3.  Having a family lunch with my hubby and boys on a Tuesday
4.  Speed cleaning the downstairs... it's amazing what I can get done quickly when I'm under pressure!
5.  Playing SpotIt with my son while drinking warm drinks
6.  Having family dinner at my parent's house - a night off from cooking is always a treat!
7.  Buying two new Christmas CDs - one was only $5 - and jamming to it in the car with my two boys
8.  Reading 17 Christmases to my boys tonight - and my 3 year old even sat on my lap!
9.  For hearing Come On, Christmas for the first time by Matthew West - and loving it.  Here's a link if any of you are ready to hear some Christmas music on November 6th.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5jjzNl0HWo
10.  For new people joining the experiment and the commitment of those of you who are already part of it

Here's to 10,000 reasons... only 9,300 to go...


  1. 1. I am thankful for awesome music!!! Loving the new Third Day album "Miracle!"

    2. I am thankful for having the right to vote...it is so empowering!!

    3. I am thankful for God showing Himself to me when I need it most.

    4. I am thankful for a cup of coffee that is so enjoyable at the end of the night. (Decaf of course!)

    5. I am thankful for the incredible godly women God has placed in my life to challenge me and encourage me.

  2. I am thankful for ...
    God's love,
    The strength that comes from knowing God's love,
    My daughter's innate sense of humor,
    Early voting without any lines that saved me from spending Tuesday night in a long line with a toddler, and
    I, Too, am thankful for Honeycrisp apples. Yum.
    Catherine A.

  3. I am thankful for my home.
    I am thankful for the opportunities the Lord has given me to grow my faith and trust in Him.
    I am thankful for those willing to serve Him and reach out to people who don't know our Lord.
    I am thankful for the fact that our Lord seeks to find and save these people.
    I am thankful that He can do so much more than I can imagine. Praise you Lord.

  4. I am thankful for opportunity to organize a cabinet (suggestion from my bible study:)
    I am thankful for date night with my husband tonight
    I am thankful that God is in control
    I will 'boast all the more gladly about my weakness/'thorn', so Christ's power may rest on me'
    I am thankful for the bible study that reminds me of my need to give thanks for my weakness
    Laurie W.

  5. Today I am thankful for:
    Finally figuring out how to 'comment' on here
    3 happy children
    Teachers who love, and genuinely care about my children
    Hearing that my Mom is 'doing great' from her daily caregivers
    That my friend, Mr. Sean Sorley, is now officially enlisted in the United States Marine Corp...so proud of that boy!

  6. I am thankful for the P31 Bible study my daughter and I are taking together.
    I am thankful for pumpkin flavored anything!
    I am thankful for witnessing an interaction with a mom & child that encouraged me by showing me I do get it right sometimes.
    I am thankful for the short school week.
    I am thankful that God will give me all the energy and motivation I need through the Holy Spirit.

  7. Now, I can make up for lost time...Here are my 5 things that I'm thankful for from the last week:
    Nov. 1
    1. A beautiful group of women who hold me accountable and pray for me when I need it
    2. A 'thorn' in my life that helps me to appreciate all the 'roses' God gives
    3. Being packed and ready to go early
    4. Safe travel for Jake and me to California
    5. An incredible husband who inspires me everyday

    Nov. 2
    1. Watching Jake eat his first In N Out burger of this trip, at 2 a.m.
    2. Hugging my brother and sister in law
    3. A day at Biola University that was completely covered by God from start to finish
    4. The tears of thankfulness that flowed at Biola on several occasions
    5. Dinner with people I love dearly

    Nov. 3
    1. Sharing stories, laughing hysterically and having time with my brother
    2. Lunch at In N Out with Jake(his third time this trip)
    3. Toes in the sand
    4. Rock climbing to our favorite spot
    5. Awesome dinner with awesome cousins!

    Nov. 4
    1. It's the birthday of 3 wonderful men who I love and admire...my Paulie, most of all!
    2. 2 teenage kids who read their Bible and share, with excitement, what they've learned with me
    3. Enterprise Rental and their incredible customer service(when I messed up...twice)
    4. Southwest Airlines incredible customer service as they held the plane while Jake and I pulled an 'OJ' through the airport
    5. Hugs from Paul, Katie and Jonathan as we returned home!

    Nov. 5

    1. Rest, without guilt
    2. Quick repairs on two out of three cars with flat tires
    3. Honesty, even when it brings tears
    4. God's grace that erases Satans lies
    5. 3 healthy children

    Nov. 6

    1. The right to vote
    2. Katie's smile
    3. Coaches who care about what's best for their athletes
    4. Hearing Jonathan say 'I love you Mom'
    5. Teenagers with HUGE hearts

  8. 1. a boost of professional confidence from my sweet friend Rosie :-)
    2. Clorox clean-up
    3. My sparkling kitchen
    4. Wendy's chili
    5. a couple of episodes of "Happy Days" on DVR

  9. 1. For the right to vote and...
    2. For a day off work
    3. Going to the movies and sharing laughs with my girls
    4. The internet making research sooooo much easier than when I first started teaching.
    5. Grilled ham, cheese, and pear sandwiches and the appreciation they were met with.

  10. Thankful for
    Right to vote
    A warm home
    2 cars that are in great working condition
    An iPhone
    Enjoying life with my bride of 10+ years

  11. 1.I am Thankful for Cracker Barrel’s nourishment: Chicken Pot Pie and Coca Cola Cake!

    2. I am Thankful to provide an early wedding present to a special young couple (the gift of photography which will last for years to come).

    3.I am thankful there were no accidents during this morning’s commute.

    4.I am thankful a co-worker had the supplies I needed to wrap a gift.

    5. I am thankful I finished my lectures and one extra credit assignment.


  12. 1. I am thankful that God is changing me
    2. I am thankful for Gods word the bible
    3. I am thankful for God putting amazing women in my life to help me on this journey
    4. I am thankful for my car that gets us to all of Toby's appointments
    5. I am thankful for my all of the technology and doctors Toby and my family have received

  13. 1. Caffeine
    2. Grilling out
    3. My counselor
    4. Sleep!!
    5. A room in the basement so it's pitch back when I go to bed at 8:15pm when the sun is still out