Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day 27

Today, I got to hear my three year old share a theology lesson with his cousin.  But before I explain, you need a little bit of background information.  A few weeks ago, my three year old told me he didn't want to go to heaven because it was in outer space and he was scared of outer space.  I tried to reassure him that it wouldn't be scary at all... in fact, it would be so much better than living here on this earth.  He didn't buy it... and he dropped the subject after a few nights.  Today, we were at lunch and my niece and my son were sitting across from each other.  There were two empty chairs between my mom and me and the kids... it was almost like they were big kids sitting by themselves.  Pretty cute!  And so, they decided to have a big kid conversation.  My son looked at my niece and said "God says that when we die we go up to heaven." She agreed.  Then he shared, "When we get to heaven, we go alive again."  I was quite surprised that out of all the things two three year olds could discuss, heaven was their topic of choice.  This is a conversation that I will treasure in my heart.  And hopefully, this demonstrates that maybe he's over his fear of outer space and heaven...

I've mentioned how being thankful in all circumstances can haunt me because I'm not there yet.  But the theology of a three year old can help me find ways to give thanks in all circumstances... John 3:16 says:  For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.  When we invite Jesus into our hearts as Lord and Savior, our eternal destiny is secure.  Romans 10:9 explains this in more detail:  That if you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.  Once we confess and believe in Jesus, when we die, we go alive again in heaven and get to spend eternity in the most marvelous place... in the eternal presence of God!  That is something to be thankful for all the time, regardless of our circumstances.  This thankfulness stuff is starting to click... one lesson at a time.  I hope you're learning as much as I am.  God sure is using some creative ways to teach me.  Thanks for letting me share them with you.

Tonight, I'm thankful for...

1.  The theology lesson from a three year old 
2. My hubby's text tone from Duck Dynasty "Everybody happy, happy, happy" that makes me laugh out loud
3.  Date night with my hubby (and yes, I did wear my black dress that arrived safely from the hotel where I left it)
4.  My parents not only watching the boys, but also driving them to our house and putting them to bed so they won't be up too late on a school night
5.  Seeing the full moon rising behind bare, lacy tree limbs in a cloudless sky
6.  Christmas lights in our neighborhood and my hubby's commentary that brings a smile to my face

Here's to 10,000 reasons... Only 7,063 to go...


  1. I am thankful for:

    1. Prayer during staff meeting yesterday
    2. Getting most of the Christmas decorations up
    3. Finding someone to come and look at our fireplace to fix it
    4. Learning something new about leading others
    5. The many people who have committed to being part of the Saturday night service next year
    6. My dog cuddling up to me last night and keeping me warm as I read
    7. The response to my latest blog post
    8. Bill, Susan and Todd putting up all of the Christmas decorations at church that look so beautiful
    9. Finding the video clips I needed for the Christmas Eve Eve service
    10. Chik-Fil-A and Dr. Scott Young sponsoring our Advisory Council lunch for the Community Clubhouse in two weeks
    11. My kids laughing yesterday that made me laugh

  2. (1) I am thankful for the beautiful chilly day.
    (2) I am thankful that I had time to go to the grocery before shopping.
    (3) I am thankful for getting a lot of my Christmas shopping finished.
    (4) I am thankful for Tuesday night family dinners.
    (5) I am thankful that the boys went right to bed without a fuss.

  3. I am thankful for....
    1. Online Christmas shopping....don't think I'll be doing much store shopping this year
    2. A friend who excitedly watched my daughter today
    3. Patience and strength that can only come from God
    4. Leftovers in the fridge that taste as good as yesterday's dinner if not better
    5. God's protection over my family-seen and unseen

  4. 1. I am thankful for heaven!
    2. I am thankful for my wonderful son, who turns 17 tomorrow.
    3. I am thankful for my daughter planning small ways to bless her brother on his birthday:)
    4. I am thankful for Christmas music.
    5. I am thankful for love.

  5. 1. A great worship service (thank you Stu)
    2. Time for a quick afternoon walk
    3. Kittens at the pet store
    4. Christmas music
    5. To meet people that truly have a heart for those that are hurting.

    Debbie D.

  6. I am so thankful for
    The promise of heaven
    Jesus - The only way !
    The powerful and amazing Holy Spirit
    GOD's comfort for broken hearts
    Hot chocolate with peppermint
    Being surrounded by loving people, who hold me up when I need a lift.
    The gifts God has given me and the courage to use them
    Laughter thru tears
    Laughter with smiles
    Passionate humble believers

  7. 1. I'm thankful that I have a degree that I can fall back on if need be.
    2. I'm thankful that I have a friend that is forgiving of my forgetfulness (Heather!)
    3. I"m thankful that my church family showed up in force tonight to worship God together!
    4. I'm thankful that our youth leader is passionate about Christ & is unashamed to show it.
    5. I'm thankful that I can attend free CLE's to keep my license current.
    6. I'm thankful that I was able to talk to old friends from my working days today.
    7. I'm thankful that I didn't eat sugar today.
    8. I'm thankful that my dog loves me so much!
    9. I'm thankful that my car is doing well at close to 200,000 miles.
    10. I"m thankful that I remembered to put a magnetic key on my car so I wasn't locked out for long.
    11. I'm thankful that Jesus has my heart and soul.
    12. I'm thankful for people who stepped up and donated $20 to the Community Clubhouse today.
    13. I'm thankful that I have hair, that even when it drives me crazy, it still is hair, and some have lost theirs.
    14. I'm thankful to see one of the most special old friends who helped start ACC - Jeff E.
    15. I'm thankful for missionaries who dedicate their lives to serving Christ & teach me that it's possible to trust God for everything - even for my next meal.
    16. I'm thankful that my husband works so hard to provide for us.
    17. I'm thankful that this blog gives me a chance to sit down and think of all my blessings.
    18. I'm thankful for leftovers that provide quick yummy meals when I'm tired and hungry.
    19. I'm thankful for the amazing moon tonight!! Gorgeous!
    20. I'm thankful for dishwashers!

  8. Amanda L.
    I'm thankful for playing hide and seek with Megan.
    I'm thankful for making breakfast for our dinner.
    I'm thankful for stu Perry our youth ministry .
    I'm thankful for verona and Sharon for talking with them.
    I'm thankful for having hot tea with Carla Sullivan today.

  9. 1. Hows,Nows,and Brown Cows! A great night of heart-felt, moving worship.
    2. For young men not afraid to tear up for all the best reasons...AND
    3. For my daughter recognizing his heart for God.
    4. Getting the science fair project finished without fits or tears (mine or hers).
    5. Beautiful full moon and not too much full moon craziness at work.

  10. Thankful for
    Great worship with Adventure Christian family
    The fact that God is Almighty and we have nothing to fear
    God's patience
    The blessing of boys that are constantly making messes
    My wife's little black dress

  11. 1. Rock climbing
    2. Encouraging youth
    3. Comfy camp beds
    4. Fun campers in my cabin
    5. Getting service long enough to talk to Nash