Friday, November 9, 2012

Day 9

Welcome to Day 9!  I have great news... today we reached another milestone... we hit our first 1,000 reasons!!  I got to hang the second milestone ornament on the Thankful Tree (for more about this, see Day 4).  It's so fun to celebrate these milestones with you.  Thank you for partnering with me on this thankfulness journey.

Today, I found myself tuned into nature.  Now this is NOT normal... I'm not really an outdoorsy kinda girl.  I guess going on a field trip with my son, to a farm, kinda helps explain where all this is coming from.  While driving to the farm, the warm sun shining on me felt amazing and I thought "Thank you, God."  Then, when we were on a hay ride, I witnessed leaves gracefully spinning and dancing to the ground, followed by a yellow moth (which is similar to a butterfly and I love butterflies), land on some harvested corn stalks.  My boys and I joined my parents for a visit to another farm this evening to buy apples and to eat a delicious turkey dinner (I know, can you believe it, two farms in one day for this city girl?!?).  And while we were driving, we saw the most beautiful sunset:

I noticed something new about sunsets tonight.  After the sun has officially disappeared from view, it splashes a beautiful display of colors across the sky... tonight the sky was painted with pinks and purples.  It was stunning.  I never realized how some of the most beautiful colors show up AFTER the sun has set.  This sunset pattern can apply to our own lives... sometimes our most beautiful colors shine through after a tough experience is over.  I can think of one friend in particular who is radiant with beauty as she's learning to work through some of her past experiences.  She is stunning, just like the sunset tonight.  I love how God displays His beauty through nature and through us. 

So, tonight I am thankful for...

1.  The warm sun shining on me while driving today
2.  Leaves dancing gracefully in the breeze
3.  The beautiful sunset and lessons God taught me through the sunset
4.  My amazing mom who helps me out so much... and who I have so much fun with too! 
5.  A hubby who loves God and serves Him

Here's to 10,000 reasons... only 8,937 to go...


  1. Purple Pam
    1) Today I am thankful that even when I forgot to proclaim His goodness (Like yesterday), He does not forget to bless me.
    2) Thankful for Heather's blog entry today, made me cry!. The most beautiful colors show up after the sun sets...after the tragic event!
    3)Thankful for retirement, having a bad cold & not having to get up & try to go to a job!
    4)Thankful that Tiff's excitement for Christmas is contagious.
    5) Thankful for Tiff's child-like tender heart, despite autism.
    6)Thankful for trying new things, like kale chips!
    7) Thankful for encouraging friends
    8) Thankful for COFFEE!
    9) Thankful for green tea w/ stevia, yum!
    10) Thankful for the weekend!

  2. e
    1. thankful for that gorgeous gold tree outside
    2. thankful for NOTHING on my calendar for today
    3. thankful for memories
    4. thankful for being able to talk to God ANYTIME
    5. thankful for my faith
    6. thankful for axel
    7. thankful for my parents
    8. thankful for old friends and new friends and recognizing that they are all gifts!
    9. thankful for this moment
    10. thankful that here is adelaide for a hug!

  3. Thank you, Father, for the blessing of family and close relationships.
    Thank you, Jesus, for your love that is beyond my understanding, that gives me hope for the future, and sustains me each day.
    Thank you, Lord, for giving us opportunities for second, third, fourth.... chances in being who we should be for your glory.
    Thank you, Heavenly Lord, for your plan and purpose which I don't need to understand but can trust with every fiber of my being.
    Thank you, King of king and Lord of lords, that you are mighty to save. I love you.

  4. 1. Thankful for a little warmth before the cold sets in again
    2. Thankful for every movement of my little baby that lets me know that he is active and thriving - even the jabs that hurt
    3. Thankful for a good laugh
    4. Thankful that the doc caught my son's strep and we can treat it
    5. Thankful for our tree outside that is hanging on to green leaves to give us a colorful display once all other leaves are gone.
    Meredith B.

  5. 1. For a three day weekend with my hubby
    2. For getting to go and see a Christian comedian tonight with my mom and my sister
    3. For my two beautiful nieces and nephew
    4. For the beautiful weather today
    5. For God


  6. 1. I am thankful for Fridays and knowing that an extra set of hands will be around for two days!

    2. I am thankful for two kiddos sleeping at the same time...hasn't happened in weeks.

    3. I am thankful for new recipes that the family loves and even wants me to make again.

    4. I am thankful for quiet moments with my God.

    5. I am thankful for the incredible sounds and voices that fill my house, constantly showing me God's blessings.

  7. I am thankful for:
    1. visiting with friends over lunch,
    2. seeing a friend from out of town, Denise, and just being thankful that I had an opportunity to get to know her while she lived in Louisville,
    3. a beautiful walk at Tom Sawyer Park this morning with my husband,
    4. Rosie's desserts (that's a quadruple thanks)
    5. Shakespeare

  8. I am thankful for my morning devotions. I am thankful for Eli being so good today. I am thankful for going Christmas shopping and finding some gifts. I am thankful for finishing cleaning the house. I am thankful for having time to read.

  9. 1. The resources to pack a couple of boxes for Operation Christmas Child.
    2. The smell of chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven.
    3. That we thought to hang outdoor Christmas lights (but not turn the on yet) while it was warm outside.
    4. My wife and daughter.
    5. Computers and other technology.

  10. 1. church
    2. my pets
    3. my family
    4. shelter
    5. electricity
    morgan h.

  11. 1. DANCE!!! Its like the only sport I'm good at!
    2. Mom and Dad, I wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for them.
    3. Dental Work, I don't like the Dentist, but it keep me and my teeth healthy!
    4. Break and Bake cookies... mmmmmm
    5. My Besties! Luv em';)

    - Carly d.

  12. 1.I am thankful for a crisp, cool morning – the Golden Girls were frisky! They made my morning.

    2.I am thankful for safe travels to and from Gainesville.

    3.I am thankful for my last home Gator game today and thankful they pulled off another win.

    4.I am thankful to share words of encouragement with a friend going thru tough times.

    5.I am thankful for family.


  13. I am thankful for:
    1) drinking hot cocoa and watching a movie with my husband and daughters
    2) an organized office
    3) a fun dinner with friends
    4) warmer than normal weather & sunshine
    5) getting to sleep in a bit tomorrow

  14. I am thankful for:
    1. laughter and a sense of humor.
    2. another date night w/ my husband.
    3. the day my husband got to spend hiking w/ our kids while I was at work.
    4. my children helping with the laundry.
    5. catching up with some friends while on our date night.

  15. I am thankful for
    1. warm sunshine today
    2. getting homework help from my dad
    3.getting to sleep in
    4.peppermint chocolate chip bread from Trader Joe's :)
    5. laughing with my family

  16. So thankful for:
    1. The 'Brave' Bible Study and all the blessings it's bringing
    2. Seeing kids get recognition for their heart, more than their talent
    3. Girlfriends
    4. Time with girlfriends
    5. A husband who's always there to take care of things while I'm having time with girlfriends!
    6. Hearing stories of God's amazing grace, and sense of humor, from other's life experiences
    7. A birthday dinner with the whole family
    8. The sound of Jonathan giggling at how amazing a clothes chute is to him.
    9. My 'big' kids growth in faith and independence
    10. Time to build lego houses and trees...that had to be 'yellow, red and orange, like the one outside', with my little man today!
    11. That I'm home to see Jake play hockey again
    12. That I'm home to kiss Katie noon, on the weekend
    13. That I'm home to cook for my family
    14. That I'm home to snuggle up and watch UK basketball
    15. That I'm home...

  17. I am truly thankful for :
    My loving, patient, and incredibly funny husband.
    This beautiful sunny day
    My cars sunroof
    Sirrius radio channel "The Message"
    My Dad and his wife Sharon "G"

  18. I am thankful for:
    - Lord speaking to me (blessing me) through friends
    - Blessed with company staying a second night at our home
    - sweet daughter called from college wanting to share what was on her heart
    - spending time with friends doing a 'treasure' hunt
    - Thoughtful husband mowing his dad's lawn while his father's away.
    Laurie W.

  19. 1. I am thankful for the Taylor Swift CD Red
    2. I am thankful for flowers
    3. I am thankful that my teacher emailed me back for my project
    4. I am thankful for the support group I have
    5. I am thankful for the week going by fast


  20. 1. Pay day
    2. Getting to listen to WayFM at work
    3. Swimming pools
    4. The serenity prayer
    5. Lyrics of Christian music hitting home