Monday, November 12, 2012

How to Post a Comment

In case you need some help with posting a comment, here are a few tips.  Know you are not alone on needing some help... I'm still figuring it all out too!

After you read the daily blog entry (I post a new entry each day... you can read through all of them by clicking on the Day # in the column to the right of the blog entry), the word # comments: appears at the bottom of each entry.  Click on comments.  This will take you to a new screen with the same blog entry AND all comments posted for that day. 

Scroll to the bottom of the page and a blank box will appear.  Click in the box and type your thankfulness list.

After you type you list, select an option from the Comment As: drop down menu.
If you have a Google account, you may have to click Sign In in the top right hand corner first. Then your user name should appear in the Comment As box. Then click the Publish ButtonNote that when you hit Publish, you should get a message that says Your Comment Was Published. If you don’t get the message and the box appears blank, the comment did not post.

 If you don’t have a Google account, scroll down and choose Anonymous in the Comment As drop down menu.  Then, hit Publish and make sure you receive the message that your comment was published.
I’ll keep you posted with more tips as I figure them out. Let me know if you’re still having issues and I’ll see what I can find out for you.


  1. (1) I am thankful for getting up and exercising. (2) I am thankful that after a ruff morning with Atley she calmed down.(she asked me if she was on Santa's good list now.) (3) I am thankful I had time to make out my weekly menues. (4) I am thankful I had time to go to the grocery. I am thankful that my husband and I had a snack of apples with dip.(the light version. Gina

  2. 1. I'm thankful my car was in a garage so I didn't have to scrape the ice off the windows. I did this thru years of apartment living so I REALLY appreciate our garage.
    2. I'm thankful my husband ensured our daughter had her things ready for school and walked her to the bus stop so I could go to an appointment.
    3. I'm thankful that my husband updated our smoke detectors, which is something I would not think about doing.
    4. I'm thankful our daughter is staying strong in her faith despite the obstacles she faces at school.
    5. I'm thankful that I can still call my Mom when things get a little stressful. Who knew I would still need Mom at this age? :)

    Debbie D.

  3. We are thankful for:
    1. Martha's health.
    2. Greg's new career path.
    3. Our new house.
    4. Our children.
    5. Our children's ministry at church.
    6. All of our blessings that we have received during the past three difficult years.

    Greg and Martha Clark